Top 10 Tips for Fast & Frugal Cards!

Here are my top tips for make fast and frugal stamped greeting cards!


Tip #1: Use limited supplies like a waterproof black stamp pad and watercolor pencils

Tip #2: Pick a light source to make coloring easier and use the same light source for all the stamped and colored elements on your card.

Tip #3: Choose line work images because you won’t need a bunch of inkpads (you can stamp in black and color them!)

Tip #4: Select your pattern paper first and use the colors from the paper to guide your coloring, it is sometimes hard to find paper to match after you color.

Tip #5: By prefolded cards and envelopes, they are very convenient and cheaper then buying cardstock and making your own in many cases.

Tip #6 Use 6″x6″ paper packs or 4″x6″ matstacks because you will have less waste and your patterns well be scaled smaller for cards.

Tip #7: Use a paper trimmer to cut squares and rectangles

Tip #8: Adhere the trimmed stamped image to pattern paper and then trim the mat.

Tip #9: Embellish with patterned paper

Tip #10: Invest is good tools like microtip scissors for fussy cutting.

Stamps (stampin Up)
Ink Pad (Ranger Archival)
Watercolor Pencils (Spectrum Noir)
Watercolor Paper
Paper (BoBunny 6×6 pad)
Cardbases (Pack of 80 from Michaels for $5)
Brush #4 round Ebony Splendor (Jerry’s Artarama)
Microtip scissors (cutterbee)

I hope these ideas helped you use the supplies you already had or gave you some tips in investing in some really useful ones. Happy crafting!


20 Responses

  1. not exactly sure how to do tip #8….


    • I think what she is saying is put glue/adhere your paper to the card and then trim it to fit. Just turn your card over and trim off excess. I use to try to measure and make the printed paper fit the notecard and then I did what Lindsay is saying and it was so much easier. Anybody correct me if I am wrong.


  2. Ha Ha Sunny, good catch. I love all of your video’s Lindsay. It shows that we are all just human. I love the down to earth approach.


  3. Great ideas to use up all those little extras! Thanks so much.


  4. It’s always good to have these tips.


  5. Thanks Lindsay. I really enjoy your videos.


  6. Your tips have helped me in card making ten times over. I even got a thank you card the other day for a get well card I sent to a church friend. For Easter/spring I made or repurposed ten cards which I know will touch some hearts. If it wasn’t for your instructions and tutorials I never would have attempted this media to reach out to people. Thanks you so much and Happy Easter!


  7. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    You are a life saver of time!!!! Yesterday I made some cards and it took some time to make them. This video has just taught me how to make cards in less time; THANK YOU! I am glad you are taking some “me time” from frugalcrafting as we would not want you to become “stressed out”.


  8. Best fussy cutting scissors in the entire industry: Close to my Heart’s micro-tip scissors (the gray ones) — paper cuts like butter! Better than any other pair I have tried, bar none!


  9. like the tips a lot, use them mostly themselves. Gr. Miriam


  10. That is a super fun card! TFS!


  11. HELP. I have a question for you. Have you ever ordered anything from Craft Stash Co. in the Uk? They have something I’d like to order but hesitate because of it being out of the country.
    Thanks. Edna Burgess


    • I have not, sorry.


    • Hi, I order from Craft Stash quite often as they have 20% and 40% off deals quite regularly. There is also a 10% off for new customers offer.The products have always arrived quickly and well packaged.
      Their apple blossom dies cut very well. I hope this helps.
      Anne in Scotland


  12. Love the simple easy ideas! Say, somewhere I heard you shouldn’t use the Staz-on Spray to clean clear stamps. Any reason why and an easy, frugal alternative? Thanks!


    • yes, it can degrade them, some say that you should not use alcohol ink on any clear stamps. I just make sure to clean them with a baby shampoo water mix right afterwards.


  13. Lindsay, I hope you have time to read this. I have inadvertently done something to stop your notices coming into my email……I have been missing you!!!! How do I get your notices of your video postings?


    • I have had a tough weekend and missed a few posts. I also cut back to videos every other day until my schedule relaxes a little. If it has been a few days you can make sure my emails are not going in spam and make sure your “send reminders” option is checked in youtube.


      • I agree with all your tips but would offer another suggestion for those who think coloring is time consuming. Instead of using line stamps, replace them with solid stamps and colored inks. The rest of the process is still the same, making sure you pick your patterned paper before your ink colors. Depending on my mood, this can be another fast way to bust out a card or two with solid flower or leaf stamps, or maybe balloons and presents, you get the idea 🙂 Yes, you are using more ink pads, but for those who stress over coloring, this may be faster for them.


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