Easter Card made with Limited Supplies!

Hi friends! I have seen some really cute cards made with “peep” themed stamps lately, there are a few companies who make them but I don’t have any so I decided to use what I had, a pen, watercolor pencils and some paper.


You can do it too! Watch the video to see how!


Affiliate links to Hallmark Scrapbook used.  Think of all of the things you can draw with the simple template technique! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. I love this type of video. I am one of those crafters that have tons of supplies and some how I still forget that I can create with just a few supplies. Thanks for reminding me.
    Also, thanks for the reply to my message.


  2. Love the watercolor tutorials…I look forward to watching and painting everyday! Thank You!!


  3. these are so cute I love these you did a great job……well of course you would I just cant draw:(( I get so mad at my self BC i just can draw…..Thank you for shareing.


  4. Your “peeps” look like a real stamp! You drew well! It looks yummy and cute 🙂 I don’t think I can draw as Yummy as you did… but love the coloring of this whole card. Pastel, peeps, bunnies… Easter is coming!


  5. Love all your images. Ordered something from Hallmark Scrapbook. This is what was on the invoice : We love Lindsay when I told them it was a referral from you


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