I might just be slow…

Hi friends! I learned a great tip from my friend Marty Owens about metal watercolor palettes ta hold half-pans. My new Prima watercolor were sliding all over the place and I couldn’t figure out why. I though maybe they would just wiggle about until there was enough paint gunk to glue them in place but little did I know I just had them in wrong. Watch the video to learn the correct way to put your watercolor half-pans in the palette so they don’t move:

This tip will work with any of these metal palettes, oh and BTW I went to look up how much the metal palette cost without the paint and it was $27! You can get the set full with prima paints from Hallmark Scrapbook for $21.99! Yep, cheaper than empty and you can always replace your pans with a finer quality paint as you use them up. Mind you these paints are very vibrant and nice but I would still rate them more of a student grade, they are very similar to Koi.  They are a good value. That’s it for me, we have new stamp school coming up tomorrow so I hope you stop back by for that and til then happy crafting!




10 Responses

  1. Neat. Hope your week is going well.


  2. Lindsey, really enjoyed your blog. I would love to see you demo on painting marbles? I have tried a couple times but can’t seem to get it. Hope you’ll consider. Chris C


  3. I don’t think you’re slow at all! Seriously, I think it’s an oversight on the manufacture’s side of things for not including instructions on how to seat the pans!

    After watching your video I headed over to Marty’s and then Jerry’s Artarama and ordered a Lukas metal box set of 12 half pans of watercolor paints. I currently have a Winsor & Newton plastic set of 12 half pans and I’d like to get something more than student grade paints to compare it to, and I’ve used the W&N set so much I need to replace one of the yellows.

    Due to you and your OH, SO INSPIRING videos I also ordered the Turner 18 set of watercolor tube set.

    Much to my surprise I have used up all of one of the yellow in that Turner set as well! I use it to mix with the Greens which is my favorite color. Instead of ordering just a tube of that yellow I bought another 18 tube set as the price is still really good! I’m sure I’ll use all the colors as I’ll be needing to replace a few other colors in my first set soon.

    You’re helping my painting skills, and technique a lot, but not my wallet! 🙂


  4. Hello there. Happy day to You. I’ve been following Your craft text but I cannot get the videos? Is there something I don’t see? Let me know because I and my friend want to follow Your ideas. Thank You Much Julieann


    • hmm, they don’t show up in emails but once you click over to my blog (here) you should be able to watch them on a computer. If you are using a mobile divice you might need an update


  5. What brand is the stamp “By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me”?
    Your Moma must be so proud of you; I could listen to you every day. You are superb!!!!!!!


  6. The ArtNeko site does not work


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