Let’s Draw a Mason Jar & Poppy in Watercolor Pencils

Hi Friends! I was asked by several viewers to review the Mondeluz watercolor pencils from Koh-I-Noor and I recently got a set to try out. In today’s video we will try these out and paint this (follow along with whatever watercolor pencils you have.)


Watch the video for the full review and demo:

I have tried a lot of pencils, and like many others I like them, they cost less than many of the artist brands but the quality is really nice too. If you have other watercolor pencils that you are happy with you don’t need these but they are a solid bet if you are looking to invest in some. You might be able to snag them at a big box store with a coupon and they are also reasonably priced on Amazon which is not always the case with art supplies. Have you tried these? What do you think, let me know in the comments and til next time happy crafting.

PS, because I know someone will ask, I don’t like them as much as the Spectrum Noir Aqua Blend pencils I just reviewed (those are totally rocking my world right now!) but they are still nice none the less:)




7 Responses

  1. Very nice drawing and the colors are pretty!


  2. Gorgeous picture. I always love your flower pictures. I need to try doing more with my pencils.

    I was excited to see the post about the 2016 classes, but in the text you mention making a comment to be notified when registration starts. There is no Comments field on that page. I looked at it in both Firefox and Chrome.

    Hope I can get that day off of work to travel to Springfield.


    • Let me check on that, the class will be june 3rd and each class is 2 hours long, I won’t have a time yet until April but the classes are a definate!


    • OK, it is fixed, I did not have the allow comments box checked LOL! Thanks so much for letting me know:) Hope to see you in June!


  3. Please do a follow up video showing how you did the splatter type detail on the shadowing under the mason jar? I am currently working on a piece in remembrance of a resident in my nursing facility that passed and would love to add a similar detail to my work. I am new to water-coloring pencils.


  4. Oh my. I am very grateful for this tutorial. Thank you.


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