Happy Little Clouds…

Hi friends! Today’s video is long BUT not really if you consider that you can paint a 16″x20″ oil painting along with me in less than an hour.

Canvas (16″x20″)
Oil Paints: Titanium white, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber and Alizarin Crimson
An assortment of hog bristle brushes
Oil Pastels for sketching
Reference photo


I hope you enjoyed that tutorial and you try painting it yourself, I want to thank the folks at Lava Soap for sponsoring this video and til next time happy crafting!


One Response

  1. I like the way you are marketing your brand. When I saw your smiling face and the painting on this post I thought ‘she could be the next ‘famous’ public TV painter, the next Bob Ross”. Nice painting.


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