NEW AquaBlend Watercolor Pencils by Spectrum Noir REVIEW!

Hi friends! I was so excited when I heard a rumor that Crafters Companion was coming out with watercolor pencils and I finally got my hands on some!


I will tell you what I think of them and demonstrate them in today’s video!

Thanks to Hallmark Scrapbook (who ships worldwide and has the lowest prices) for sending me these pencils to review:)

Supplies used:

Low price
Highly pigmented with soft rich creamy leads
No duplication between sets
Color releases instantly when touched with a wet brush, no scrubbing the paper move the pigment.
***Superior Lightfast 50-100 years (I just checked according to manufacturer! Yay!)

I don’t have any….

Bottom line: I totally recommend these pencils, they are as bright as any of the other brands I own. If you are on the fence and want to try one set I recommend the Primary set and see how you like them then you can build your collection depending on what you like to color. For the price you can’t beat these pencils! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!




12 Responses

  1. Looks good in New Mexico! Love your toutorial, awesome.


  2. Hi Lindsey! Could you show us your process when you swatch out pencils? Do you scribble the pencil on the paper first or pick up the pigment with a brush? Love your tutorials! Thanks!


    • I scribble them out because I want to see how well they liquify then I add water:) sometimes I draw boxes and fill them halfway with color and then blend them out the water. I did a small rectangle here and dragged the color down. Lots of pigment in these pencils!


  3. Thank you Lindsey…now I know I want them…they really do seem to blend really well which I like…thank you so much for the tutorial…


  4. Great review! Love the florals line too!


  5. Good to hear that their newest product got a good review. My daughter and I are very unhappy with their markers. More than half of them were dried when we purchased them and a dozen more have dried out since, most of these being never used or just once. Contacted the company but never received a reply so it kind of makes us from purchasing anything else. Thanks for the review.


    • I had bad results with the first generation markers (the square ones) but I added denatured alcohol to them and it reconstituted the ink and they worked fine. The round markers I did not have an issue with tho, I think they went to market to quickly with the first markers. I am sorry they did not get back to you, Hallmark, the shop I linked to, always does and has amazing customer service.


  6. You make painting so much fun. I think I need the pencils. I found a much smaller version of the stamp set at Michael’s on sale, so I’m going to give it a try with what I already have. Thanks for the masking ideas. Very helpful.


  7. Looks like a good product.


  8. Great video – love your videos – I don’t know how you have the time, but thanks – I always enjoy them.


  9. Wow! Great tutorial…honestly fantastic! I am returning to stamping after leaving my favorite hobby due to the hectic life of a busy mom with 2 children a year a part. Sad to say they are now getting ready for college and I am trying to return to a great fun hobby. I look forward to learning from you. Thank you!


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