Live Orchid Painting Tutorial NOW with Faster Internet!!!

Hi friends! Great news, we just were able to upgrade to faster internet with should make todays live stream (12:30pm ET) better than ever. The upload speed is 5 times faster than I had before so not only will you still get to hang out and chat with other painters but you can enjoy a clear crisp picture too. I am hoping I am not jinxing myself by saying it out loud LOL! If that is not reason enough to tune in here is what we will paint:


And here is a printable pattern.


And the photo of my orchid (you may remember it from other painting lessons, I can’t believe it is still alive!)


You can watch the live show or the reply in the player below but if you want to chat with friends or ask me questions during the lesson you need to watch on the YouTube watch page.

Supplies can be found at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

Wish me luck with the new internet, I am so happy it is being offered out here in the sticks! I’ll see you at 12:30pm ET for the live show, til then happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. So looking forward to this! Waited patiently (lol!) for Friday! Have a great time! I know we will enjoy the painting! Your orchids look beautiful! Thank you Lindsay! Sincerely, Teresa


  2. Congratulations on your new higher speed internet. Hope all goes well with the live stream. I never get to see the live broadcast, but always enjoy it on Youtube later.


  3. This was great. First time watching live; really enjoyed it.


  4. love your live videos. Any medium you use is fun to watch. I’d love to win one of your paintings.


  5. love the videos, trying to learn. love the painting would be great to win!!!


  6. Missed seeing you live but enjoyed it later. You always inspire me to paint. Love the loose look of this. Judy


  7. Lindsey,
    Love the painting and the happy colors 🙂 Your my favorite you tuber. I have learned so much from you since I have been watching. Don’t worry about the negative comments because there are plenty of us that love all you do. Keep on making videos. Love, Rosie B.


  8. Hi Lindsey,
    I enjoy the variety of art you do. I have learned so much by watching your videos and reading your blog. What a great way to learn about the different pencils, paints and mediums. Thanks for all you do!


  9. You seem to be painting flat most of the time is that correct. Do you watercolor with your work on a slant as well? Love your work I’m a 67 year old retired engineer who had never painted anything before and having a blast. Thanks you have taught me a great deal. I still make more scrap than finished product because I get impatient sometimes things just need to dry before you move on.




    • I usually work flat but you can work at a bit of a slant if you like. You can get an adjustable table easel/board that works great, you can even tape you paper to it. I like to have my work taped to a board so I can tip it to encourage the ink to flow in different directions too.


  10. Hi! I am a total newb. So much so that I am asking this question. When you offer the templates, are we supposed to use those to use as a guide to sketch them on our watercolor paper? How do we use them? Newb blush.


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