Coloring Practice with Alcohol Markers!

Hi friends! The other day I posted some pressed flower projects including a card that I colored with alcohol markers.


May of you asked for the coloring tutorial, so here it is! There are no difficult techniques here so if you are a beginner this one’s for you! Also I did not speed up any of the coloring (I did clip out any repetitive bits) so you can see the techniques in real time. I hope you find it useful!

Products: (Affiliate links used-thank you for your support!)

I like to blend alcohol markers from dark to light, it is quick and works well on high quality cardstock like Neenah. Remember that Copic coloring takes practice, enjoy the journey! You can find more alcohol marker tutorials here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!




6 Responses

  1. Very pretty card. Very cold here it is 22 degrees outside. Stay warm and have a good weekend.


  2. Thanks for the lesson, Lindsey! I spent some time over Christmas practicing with my Copics and Spectrum Aquas. I’ve discovered I need to get a few more Copics so that I have a more rounded color palette! lol


  3. Love this…I have Spectrum Noir markers. I made a color chart, then printed out a Copics chart to match the colors. This is working fine for me! Thank you Lindsey!


  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful techniques!


  5. Thanks for that demo. I’ve been wondering about alcohol markers for a while now…I’m afraid to make the investment!


  6. Thank you Lindsay! This is such a beautiful image and you have certainly done wonders for my self-esteem as an artist.
    I’m a hoarder and have lately realised it is largely because I don’t feel worthy of using such great/expensive/professional (insert word of choice) products. Like sneaking into my mom’s studio as a child.
    But with your tutorials, because they are so specific and easy to follow, I just grab the stuff I need and start using it. AND through you, I learn so much about the chemistry behind it too.

    Thanks for sharing!


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