Yes, we are LIVE today! {12:30pm ET}

Howdy friends! We have another live show today at 12:30pm ET, same time as every Friday so you can mark it in your calendars if you want (although next week is school break so I am not planning on a live show but you never know with me…)


As always you can watch the show live or catch the reply in the player below BUT if you want to chat live with us, ask questions or just hang out with other painters make sure to click over to the YouTube watch page and you will see the chat window on your screen.

As always this live stream is sponsored by our friends at Jerry’s Artarama where you will find all the best brands at the lowest prices!


I hope to chat with you live today at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube! Some of you have mentioned that my Friday morning posts is too short notice to join live, I am sorry about that but if you subscribe to me on YouTube you will get notifications in your sub box a couple of days in advance or just write Friday 12:30pm Eastern Time on your calendar. Also unless something goes terribly wrong the replays will be available directly after the broadcast. I hope that helps! Happy Crafting!


2 Responses

  1. Have you ever tried out the Mission Gold watercolors from Mijello? They sell really good plastic airtight leak proof palettes which is convenient if you are outdoors but I don’t know anything about their watercolors.


  2. It seems the autofocus can’t handle your hand and brush getting in between the paper and the camera … maybe it would be better to switch it off and focus it by hand ….. or if you have it focussed by hand it’s not focussed on the paper.


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