Today’s Livestream! {I’m gonna do my best…}

Hi friends! We will be live on YouTube painting today. It is going to be a “let’s use bright colors and express out joy!” kinda project.


We are also having a snowstorm and the kid’s school just called telling me they are sending everyone home early. I am fully expecting imperfection with a side of chaos, don’t you want to join the fun? Seriously, grab your paints, watercolor pencils, watercolor paper or art journal and let’s play on this snow day! If you want to chat with us please watch this on the YouTube watch page, otherwise you can watch it live, or the replay in the player below (oh and how about a “thumbs up” for effort LOL!) We go live at 12:30 Eastern Time! Thanks to Jerry’s Artarama for sponsoring this live show!

Turner watercolors
Inktense Pencils (or whatever watercolor pencils you like)
140# watercolor paper
Mimik Kolinsky brushes
Water, paper towels

Reference photo

This will be a great way to learn to loosen up too! Wish me luck with today’s stream and happy crafting!

6 Responses

  1. Your e-mail just popped into my inbox. So, the live event will be in just a few minutes. Sure wish you were able to give more notice to your “live” things. I usually don’t see the e-mails until after the fact, but if it was promoted a day or two in advance, people could plan for it. I know I can watch later, because that is what I always have to do since there’s no advance notice so we can plan our schedules around it. But if the point is to get people to watch live I would think giving notice a couple of days in advance would help. Or even have a regular time every week so that people always knew they could watch a live event at that same time every week. Maybe most people can just drop everything and watch at a moment’s notice, but it just doesn’t work for me. Guess I’ll watch it later as usual.


  2. Hi!

    First, I recently found your YouTube channel and I love your work and encouraging style.

    I know your favorite paints are the M Graham watercolors, but I wanted to ask which you prefer between the Qor paints and M Graham. I’m going to be purchasing a set of professional paints and I appreciate your opinion.



  3. Linsay, I enjoy your videos, but can non Birmese, Liberians and Americans get some metric love?


  4. like the left more 🙂


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