I Got a Sequin Problem…

Hi friends! When I was going through my stash looking for sequins for a card yesterday I realized that I had a problem.


Luckily my problem was not a lack of sequins! That will probably never be a problem because it seems like sequins breed when you are not looking or my buying outpaces my using. Who can say?


If you too have a sequin problem you will love today’s project, a fun shaker card using stamp from our sponsor ArtNeko!


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White Cardstock (110#lb Recollections)
Pink, Red, Purple, Blue inkpads
Stipple brush (color dusters-Judikins)
Valentine Stamps (ArtNeko)
Dots/Background stamps (ArtNeko)
Craft knife
Sequins & beads
Foam tape
Plastic bag
Clear tape

1. Score a 8 1/2″x5 1/2″ piece of white cardstock at 4 3/16″ and 4 5/16″.
2. Stamp head duo, mask it and stamp polka dots on top. Sweep with ink and a stipple brush. Also stamp a 4 1/8″ x 5 1/2″ panel with dots.
3. Remove ask and cut out inside of hearts.
4. Fill a clear plastic bag with beads and sequins and tape behind openings in heart.
5. Adhere stamped panel behind baggie using foam tape.
6. Embellish or add color to front of card if desired.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy shaker card and you try one for yourself! Happy Crafting!


22 Responses

  1. My problem is I don’t have enough sequins or the right kinds. They are expensive locally and at Amazon.


  2. Very pretty. Love the heart stamp.


  3. I love the heart stamp you used. It is so pretty and one that could be used often. I like your background. It is very pretty with the hearts. Such a beautiful card. Thank you.

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  4. Cute card. I have yet to make a shaker card but its on my “to do list”.

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  5. Yes you might have a problem…but I really think they multiply when your not looking….LOL..I absolutely love how you made this shaker card…great tutorial…thanks for sharing..


  6. I love your shaker card videos ,and this one is so stunning!! I also love the stamp you used, could use them for baby cards.


  7. Cute card! It has never occurred in my mind to make a hole after stamping, creative! In the first picture on the top of this webpage there is a blue package that says “24 sequins.” Did you get it from a local store or online? Looks like a great deal there! I don’t have enough sequins…..yet as I just started crafting last year. Still on the lookout for those color dusters. I guess my state Illinois just doesn’t sell them. Online stores are always out of stock for months.


  8. This card is sooo cute. I love it.


  9. I really think you must have had some of these sequins since you were a child – your collection is madly epic! I SO LOVE this idea – it’s super innovative and original. Have you thought of making kaleidoscopes? You should use your mad watercolour skills to make the outside of them or do marbled paper and then, well I suppose you’d still have to make about three hundred kaleidoscopes before it made a dent in your sequin collection….but I suppose it’s a start!


  10. Wonderful video Lindsey. Thank you so much for sharing your method for making a Valentine’s Shaker Card.


  11. Love the way you made your shaker card. The little bag of sequins is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Super cute idea. I have yet to make a shaker card and I really want to try it. Your video is easy to follow and has given me the confidence to try it. I save my packaging bags so that makes a lot of sense to me to us those for shaker cards. Thank you for sharing your posts are always so educational and full of great ideas.


  13. Looks like you need a 12-step program for your “sequin problem.”


    • true;) Unfortunatly it would be 12 steps to the craft store to buy more LOL! I usually find them on clearance


  14. This shaker card looks fun! Thank you for sharing!


  15. sequin problem,? Who me? I even have the die to stamp sequins out of tea bag wrappers, candy wrappers etc, and then I can’t find where I put them M LOL


  16. I think I need to save my little plastic bags. Very cute.


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