Frugal Foiling!

Hi friends! Well, I resisted the urge as long as I could. After many requests from you guys I decided to see if I could foil without buying a foiling machine and toner printer. I dug through my stash and found some foil sheets and metal leaf from the LAST time foiling was all the rage and got to work. I was also curious if I could use the Minc foil because it is available at all the big box stores now so I grabbed a roll of that as well. I don’t have a laser printer or photocopier and although I have a cheap laminator I wanted to use supplies the normal crafter would have so I decided to try this with adhesive tape sheets in my die cut machines.


I had two worries about this method, I was worried that the backing on the adhesive sheet would not stick to my electronic cutting mat but I found that the dull side sticks fine and those cuts turned out well. I was also worried that I would not be able to peel off the backing of the adhesive sheets from the intricate designs from my metal dies (because I was afraid the pressure would bond the backing to the tape) but that too worked a treat!


I discovered that it worked very well with different kinds of foil and metal leaf. I also tested the adhesive with metallic embossing powder and that worked well too! Once I knew the tape could take heat I tried it with micro beads and glitter. This is a fun alternative for detailed sparkle without the foil.


The adhesive sheets and rolls are from our sponsor Craft Chameleon, formally Punch Place Plus. Adhesive is only one of the many supplies they offer and their prices are fantastic, you get 5 of the big sheets I showed you in the video for $5 and the double-sided sticky tape rolls start at $2.50 (way cheaper than the competition)


  • Adhesive sheets & Tape (rolls start at $2.50 and a 5 pack of sheets is only $5)
  • Cardstock
  • Foil and gold leaf (glitter, embossing powder, microbeads and flock can also be used!)
  • Die cut machine or xacto knife/scissors if you want to hand cut your designs.

1.  Cut a design from a sheet of adhesive.
2. Remove the backing and press on cardstock. Remove the other backing paper.
3. Press foil shiny side up on adhesive.
4. Remove the excess foil backing. If using metal leafing remove the excess and save it for another project.

Try this with glitter, beads, flock and more, it is such a fun technique! I hope you enjoyed this technique and it has inspired you to try foiling. It is such a popular look right now and if you can do it with some of the stuff you already have all the better! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!