Paint with me LIVE today! Dandelion fluff in Watercolor/Colored pencils!

Hi friends! I have another live painting tutorial for you today!


We will be using watercolors and colored pencils on this easy painting. You can watch the show live, or the reply on the player below but if you want to ask questions or hang out with other painters in the chat you will need to watch on the YouTube watch page.

Supplies available at out sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

I can’t wait to paint with you today! I do hope you stop by but if you can’t I understand so the reply will be available. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


21 thoughts on “Paint with me LIVE today! Dandelion fluff in Watercolor/Colored pencils!

  1. I got a set of 36 prismacolor watercolor pencils for Christmas. Learning how to draw and paint with them through your videos. I used to live in Maine. Did your Maine Fall Lanscape and a flower. Ventured on my own to do a cardinal. Love your videos. Watercolor pencils is what I am most interested in but will probably look into scrapbooking stuff too.


  2. So excited for this. dandelion flowers when still yellow are early honey bee nectar and pollen sources. Please don’t kill your dandelions! Take pics and paint from your pictures. The bees thank you ! Thanks for this today! I will be there- Louise Edsall


    1. What a beautiful background, as if those daffodils are growing in a park! I’m glad I watched this!
      BTW, on the Arches paper they show the gramms/square meter and the pounds per square (?) on the front. The number for the grams per square meter is about twice of the other number.


  3. I’m watching your video now, you are doing a great job keeping up with everyone. I was wondering if you have played with parchment craft at all? I’m trying to get my hands on the “Groovi Plate Starter Kit”. I’m having a hard time finding it at a reasonable price here in the USA. You can contact me back @
    Thanks Linday


  4. Lindsey, what was the name of that pencil sharpener again? Sounds like just what I need for my watercolor pencils! Thanks.


  5. Thank you. I live in Florida.. My name is Nancy. I have been a widow
    For three years. Work overnight stocking shelve at Walmart. I am on
    Limit income. Art is in my soul. Never sold anything,
    Learn a lot from watching you, talking about good that cheap.
    Have watercolor penicel. After watching need too buy reg color penicel. Your great


  6. Enjoyed the video…buy for some reason the sound quality was bad and I had trouble hearing a lot of what you were saying…so please forgive the questions…you may have already answered them. What kind of pencil sharpener do you use? I think I use too much pressure because I can’t layer like you do…even with prismacolors. If my pencil doesn’t seem to release the color easily…is there something I can do? Heat up the lead, dip it in solvent…if it would release color better I wouldn’t be so tempted to press harder. Love your videos…I learn so much!


  7. You’re my favorite teacher! I always accomplish my best work and have the most fun with you. I’ve learned so much about color theory and composition, i cant wait to repaint some original works. Thank you for the generous gifts of yourself, your time and your talent! You’ve helped mefond my joy!


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