Brush Marker Comparison!

Hi Friends! Today I am comparing 6 of the most popular brush markers on the market to see how they hold up and if they play nice together.


Honestly I like all of these but they each have unique qualities that different artists might prefer. Here is a handy checklist to print and record notes on as you try other brands yourself. brush_marker_comparison_chart

Now watch the video!

Here are the markers I used today (affiliate links used when available, thank you for your support:)

So now that you have the information you can go forth and color. Also, if you already have a bunch of chisel tip markers you can use them with your brush markers. I suggest you try a couple from each company before investing in a huge set and get different colors because they do play nice together. I keep all of my alcohol markers together for just that reason. Experiment ad have fun! If you have any questions let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



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  1. Couldn’t watch as it said the video was private. Hopefully just a glitch.

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  2. I’m not a fan of the Chameleon pens, but probably only because I already knew how to blend and color with alcohol markers when they came out on the market. However, I recently saw a video from the 2016 CHA show that this year they are releasing 30 new colors. If I remember correctly, they said they don’t they intend on releasing any more after that. This will be their full color range. I guess since their markers provide the spectrum, they basically just had to release the color families.


    • that would be a great range as I noticed that some colors were only achievable by layering the colors. I would not mind having the other 30 although I need more markers like a hole in the head LOL!


  3. Thanks Lindsay! I have the Copics and REALLY like them and the way they blend. I just bought the colors I liked when I started and that was NOT the way to go….should have checked out some recommendations as I only needed 2-3 in a color family that would blend together. Several sites have this info…which would have saved me tons of money – LOL! Live and Learn!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. Enjoyed the video. Good information…thanks!😃😃


  5. Do the Shapies bleed on papers?
    I’m surprised you haven’t included the Rig Clean color brush set…


    • Those are water based, I am only doing alcohol based brush markers for this comparison to keep it apples to apples:)


  6. I think I need to work on my blending. Thinking about getting the chameleon pens. I still have am Amazon gift card my son gave me for Christmas. I think I will get brave and finally try out my Brother Scan n Cut today. Had it a couple of months and now I think I will see what I can do.


  7. L, thank you u r the best. I wanted to know if they’re available at the big chain craft stores. Sometimes I don’t plan ahead then I don’t have time to order online. I live in an area that know longer has an art store. Thanks again n keep posting


  8. Enjoyed your comparison. However, there is one marker that is probably better than most of those (expect Copic). It is Concept from Jerry’s Artarama for $1.29 each. I have been using it and I really like it. I also use Spectrum Noir and Touch and I like those as well. If you ever try Concept and like it maybe you could give it a tutorial.


  9. How do you feel about Spectrum noir? Aren’t those alcohol markers too? Is the quality too poor to compare with the ones you did a video on?


    • no, they are fine, I plan on including them in a comparison of other non brush alcohol markers, you can buy brush tips for the new style ones but they are kinda pricey.


  10. Thanks for the comparison. I’ve been wanting to try the Trias, but could not find them in this country. The link you give us is in the UK, but they have free shipping on orders over $33 USD. However many of the sets and individual markers are out of stock, which may indicate that they are discontinuing them there as well as in the states.
    If you love these markers you might want to to stock up when you have a chance. Individual markers are going for $3.84.


    • Thank you for the comparison and blending demo. This will be very helpful on my next trip tot he art/craft store to purchase markers.


  11. Thank you for sharing with us about the different kinds markers. Your were very helpful.


  12. I have markers from several different manufacturers. My only alcohol set is from Copic. I really love them and hope to continue to build my collection this year. I hope you do one on the water based markers. I have Marvy, Tim Holtz Distress, and Spectrum Aquas. I spent some time over Christmas practicing with the Copics and Spectrums and enjoyed my time immensely!


  13. I bought spectrum noir markers and was very disappointed w them. I keep them in a temp. Controlled area and in an airtight container. Don’t use them often. In less than a year and w little use over half of them were dried completely up and unusable. Contacted the company twice via email asking if there was a remedy for this. Got no response at all! Wouldn’t recommend them. Thanks for the video. Great info.


    • If they are the square ones I had the same issue, to fix this I pulled out the chisel nib and used a pipette to add denatured alcohol, then they were good as new.


      • I am new to all of this! I just bought the set of Spectrum markers and the sparkle pens and colored pencils too, they came today but I am clueless as how to blend with the alcohol pens. But dying to find out! I love stamping so it is about time I learned this part! But reading that they dry out scares and upsets me! I spent a lot to get them. Mine r not really square, they have many sides to them…..r they the ones u r speaking of? And can u tell me what a pipette is? And how do u know how much alcohol to put in them? Can u also tell me how to revive markers? I spent a pretty penny on sets years ago to learn all this but then became disabled in a wreck so have been laid up for many years and could not use them, Now some sets r dry… there a way to revive them too? Thanks so much for any help u can give me!!!


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