Learn to Paint a Portrait LIVE!

Hi friends! Today at 12:30 I have a live painting class and by request we will be doing a portrait!


I will show you how to mix skin tones using watercolors. We will be using yellow ochre, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and rose red (or a cool pinkish red) to mix the skin tones. I snapped a photo of the sketch I made so you can transfer it to your watercolor paper ahead of time.


You will be able to watch the live show or replay in the video player below but if you want to join in the live chat be sure watch it on the YouTube watch page and you can ask any questions you have to me while we are painting.

Supplies available at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

Don’t worry if you can’t join us live, the replay will be available after the show! I look forward to painting with you! Happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. You can’t imagine how much I’m looking forward to this! Can you also show how to mix the skin color of a Japanese lady?


    • sorry, I forgot to add “please” before I posted this!
      I’m so excited, ever since you made those paper geisha dolls I’ve been hoping you might paint something like that one day with watercolors …..


      • yes, you can actually get any ethnicity with these colors:)


        • I like the umbrella on the right painting more because of the cherry tree color but I think the left painting is nice because it all fits together. Both paintings are wonderful and I hope you will be adding watercolor portraits to your tutorials!


  2. I liked the one on the right also but they are both great ! Thanks for all the tips and the great lesson.


  3. Thank you for this, Lindsay! You not only make painting in watercolor so understandable and easy, but your style and quick forgiveness of any mistakes you might make give me so much empowerment to forgive my own mistakes. You truly make watercolor FUN – not a medium that I feel like I need to devote hours and hours per day to – I can do a quick watercolor with you, and they are SO satisfying. Thank you so much!!!!


  4. beautiful painting!


  5. Hi Lindsay Oh this is beautiful. I love how you start an then build the painting from a clear page to a master piece. The eyes in the portrait are so pretty thank you for sharing and being you. hugs from Florida and thank you


  6. Thanks so much for the video and teaching, would love to see more especially sports people


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