DIY Valentines Wreath!

Hi friends! I finally took the christmas wreath off the door and replaced it with this!


All you need is a few supplies and about 45 minutes to make it. Watch the video to see how.

Here is theĀ bow making tutorial I mentioned.

Cardboard (I used a pizza box lid)
Glittered scrunch natural deco mesh
2 3/4″ Organza ribbon
Fuchsia metallic pipe cleaners
Duct Tape (pink)
Hot Glue
Metallic cardstock

1. Cut heart ring from cardboard.
2. Cover front and back of heart with duct tape.
3. Attach deco mesh using pipe cleaners.
4. Embellish with hand-cut paper hearts and a bow.

Thanks to Papermart for sponsoring this tutorial and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!