My 2016 Planner Update!

Hi friends! Many of you have asked since I made my DIY Planner Video last year if I was still using my planner. Yes! Every day in fact. I needed to print pages and update it for 2016 and I though I would take you along for the ride and show you how I do it!


I am using free planner printables from Scattered Squirrel, I used them last year too. I keep my planner simple but you can also put full page daily schedules, menu plans and others things that would be useful to you. A Planner is a personal thing. I like making my own because I save lots of money and get exactly what I want. You can totally add stickers, tape and clips if you want your planner to be prettier. My main goal is efficiency and function. It does help that it is pretty to look at though:)

If you want to see my basic DIY planner video that shows you how to make a custom planner for under $10 or possibly free depending on what you already have click here. You can use a full size binder as well, I just like the smaller size.

Do you use a planner? Share your best planner tips in the comments below. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. I love the idea of a planner, and have considered getting one, but they were just so expensive, and I have my calendar on my phone which works well for me.

    This is great and so inexpensive. I could use the calendar pages as a journal of sorts. When done for the year I could save them to help with remembering events for scrapbooking (I’m a few years behind ).

    Thanks for this useful and fun idea.


  2. Love your planner. Watched both videos and I saw how easy it is put together. Great way to some of the printed papers I have bought and never used.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sparkle-riffic way to use up scrapbooking materials while also uniquely personalizing for your needs and tastes with free printables. You are so crafty! I love the rainbow, by the way. I’ve checked her site out and will probably incorporate some stuff into another specifically jewelry biz planner that I’ll be doing in conjunction with my personal Lilly Pulitzer planner I just bought. I love making those little clippies and was tickled to see yours. Thank you!


  4. Love your planner. I just bought one today ( got the cheapest one I could find at Office Depot). Next year I will go with your idea. They are Way to expensive. You have a good week.


  5. You made a great planner. The best part of it is that you actually use it! Good job!


  6. I love the idea of this, but I have not been able to find a 3 ring binder. I was trying to get a Kraft one as I thought it would be easier to cover than vinyl . Do you think it matters whether it is 2 ring or 3?


  7. So I’m loving these UK magazines for crafting how many issues do you get and where this great deal? Thanks.


  8. Love your videos! They are all so inspiring! I started using AL planner for the first time back in August last year! Just a little cheap thing I bought at Walmart! For this year I altered a composition book and I am making my own pages! It may not be perfect or as fancy as some, but it works for me!


  9. Love this planner video. What size ATG dispenser is that for what size tape width do you normally use 1/4″? 1/2″? 3/4″?


  10. Love you planner! I have used a planner for years but I’m too cheap to lay down the money for the expensive ones (and had been using one I made from an altered composition book) but I found that I just didn’t have the time or energy to put into making another one since I can only get half the year into one composition book, so I was searching for a less time-consuming alternative that is still cute and more personalized than the average planner you pick up off the store shelf. I think yours will fit the bill perfectly! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.


  11. I have a question. Do you perhaps know what I could do to an old canvas backdrop that has turned a dark color?I assume that it turned brown from being in the house where it is warm. The backdrop was several color but mostly there was blue. I hate to throw it away.


  12. Hi, I love your planner, I have just printed out the “special dates” one year page and will list the special cards I need to make for the year in my craft room and get rid of tiny lists….many thanks for the link…


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