My 2016 Planner Update!

Hi friends! Many of you have asked since I made my DIY Planner Video last year if I was still using my planner. Yes! Every day in fact. I needed to print pages and update it for 2016 and I though I would take you along for the ride and show you how I do it!


I am using free planner printables from Scattered Squirrel, I used them last year too. I keep my planner simple but you can also put full page daily schedules, menu plans and others things that would be useful to you. A Planner is a personal thing. I like making my own because I save lots of money and get exactly what I want. You can totally add stickers, tape and clips if you want your planner to be prettier. My main goal is efficiency and function. It does help that it is pretty to look at though:)

If you want to see my basic DIY planner video that shows you how to make a custom planner for under $10 or possibly free depending on what you already have click here. You can use a full size binder as well, I just like the smaller size.

Do you use a planner? Share your best planner tips in the comments below. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!