Paint this sunset in watercolors LIVE today!

Hi Friends! Today at 12:30 ET I will have a free live painting class on my YouTube channel, we will paint this:


You can watch the live show or the replay here but if you want to hang out in the chat be sure to watch it on the You Tube watch page. Here is the pattern for the chapel, you can print it whatever size you like. Position the chapel on your watercolor paper 1/3 of the way up and from the side in the lower right hand corner. This makes use of the ‘rule of thirds’ which I will explain in the video.


This project uses a limited palette of colors, only 4! I will be suing Turner Watercolors available exclusively at Jerry’s Artarama but you can use any brand you like. You will need:

  • A cool pinkish red (Alizarin Crimson, Quin. Magenta, Rose Red, Maya Red)
  • A warm yellow (Permanent Gamboge, Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow)
  • A warm blue (Ultramarine or cobalt)
  • Burnt Sienna

Brushes: I am using an assortment of Mimik faux squirrel and faux kolinski brushes from Jerry’s Artarama. You don’t have to have the exact size I have, just try to use something similar. I like the faux squirrel brushes for the sky because they hold a ton of juicy paint!

Paper: I am working on a 12″x16″ block of Canson Montville #140 cold pressed watercolor paper, if you are working smaller you can use smaller brushes. For instance if you were working on a 5″x7″ watercolor greeting card a 3/4″ flat would be more appropriate than the 2″ wash and you could omit the #30 round and use a #10 instead.

The Reference photo can be found at Paint My Photo.

You can watch the video in this player or on the YouTube watch page:

Thanks to Jerry’s Artarama for sponsoring this live broadcast, please check them first for all of your art supply needs! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


PS Here is the actual painting from the LIVE video:


Hope you give it a try!


19 Responses

  1. Gorgeous painting!!!
    I’m sure you don’t know this hahaha but I did my very 1st watercolor paint with one of your tutorials back in July 2015, and I kept following your videos to learn more.

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  2. Hi Lindsey, what brand of watercolor do you recommend that’s transparent? Also tube or pan? I bought Kuretake Gansi Tambi and they are not transparent.

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    • I used Turner watercolors in this video, the paints are great and the 18 count intro set is a steal, you can’t beat it. Otherwise any transparent artist watercolor will do the trick:)


  3. I like the one you painted during the video even better than the other one!
    When I try to paint dark lines like the trees in front of the sky you painted either the paint isn’t dark enough or it ends up shiny when it dries. I never seem to get it right. Am I using the wrong kind of paints, should they be granulating or something like that?

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    • if you are mixing burnt seinna and ultramarine blue it should not be shiny, mix it and dab the brush on a towel to remove excess water and try:)


      • Thanks! Would that work with other colors too?
        I try to mix “black” with dark colors I’ve been using anyway in the painting like Prussian Blue, Prussian Green or Perylene Maroon. Last time it was Perylene Maroon and it ended up very shiny and distracting.


  4. Hi Lindsay
    I am watching your tutorials from France and I enjoy them very much. Thank you!

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  5. love this web site. do you do on line classes. I live in stamford ct. I am a very very beginner

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    • why do the brush hair fall out? i brought good brushes. can i wet it my paper with a spray bottle?

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      • usually washing your brush before using for the fisst time will reduce this. If you have a natural hair mom brush it may still happen. That is why I love the synthetic mimik brushes.


    • Not currently but I will have some mixed media classes later in the year through Craftsy and Everything Art. I have hundreds of free tutorials on my youtube channel so you can do those anythine for free!


  6. Hi Lindsey! This was so fun to watch! Can you tell us what time the live show begins please and thank you! I have not used watercolors. I have a childs set of 8 prang and I remember you saying try little and learn to blend and if you can do that you can graduate to more colors. Haven’t been brave enough yet but am looking for good watercolor paper to start practicing-or should I learn on cheap first? I would like to tell you that I did finally get a 12 pack of Derwent watercolor pencils and am learning with those. Thank you for recommending those! Wish I had had more money at the time to buy a larger set but the difference between what I had and these are like night and day! thank you again! I am excited to save to get the Inktense and a large set of the Derwents I now have. Your recommendations are wonderful! I have taken you word on many things and it has helped greatly! Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos and tips and advice! I am one of many followers who look forward to watching you every day! It is my fun time! Thank you again for all you do for us all over the world!

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    • The live shows are usually 12:30pm eastern time and run about an hour on Fridays. I would get a decent paper but you do not need top of the linke, CAnson Montville, Strathmore 400 series or Fabriano Studio are great choices for the beginner.


  7. I live your full length videos. I learn so much from them and the questions others ask. Please let us know if you ever figure out a way to refill the Zig waterbrush markers. I have resisted buying them, but if there is anyway to refill them, even with different watercolors, I would splurge on the biggest set.


  8. You are amazing! I love all your videos!


  9. I love how you provide guidance in your tutorials versus just advising what you are supposed to do. I think being a crafter is about embracing individuality. Anyways, thanks for this video.


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