Let’s Paint Calla Lilies in Watercolor {REAL TIME full tutorial!}

Hi friends! Earlier on Instagram I asked if I should keep this painting tutorial (which ended up taking longer than I thought) full length or if I should speed it up.


The vote was unanimous to keep the tutorial long and in real-time with live narration. Well, you have been warned LOL! So, grab your watercolors and paint along with me!


Watercolor (I am using Gansai Tambi)
Watercolor Pencils (Prima)
Watercolor paper (140# 5″x7″ Strathmore watercolor greeting card)
Masking tape, Paper towel
#6 Cat’s Tongue brush (or you can use round) Princeton
Reference photo

Do you think you will try this? I hope so! I was really pleased that you wanted me to keep the tutorial long, I want to be respectful of your time but art takes time and you deserve to spend time doing something you enjoy (every day if possible!) Thanks so much for painting with me today and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay, I absolutely love your painting tutorials – you’re so positive and enthusiastic – it’s incredibly encouraging (especially to a struggling novice like me !). So, yes keep your videos full length. Yes – I will follow this Calla Lilies Tutorial.
    Thank you for all the wisdom that you have given so generously.


  2. When did you put black around the base of the stamina?? I kept waiting for you to do it, and never saw it!! Lol!


    • it wasn’t black, it was the purple mix and I added little dan]bs after I was done and not on camera because it was an afterthought and honestly I thought it might be a mistake LOL!


  3. I appreciate the full length tutorials. I always learn something while watching.


  4. I am so excited to watch, I started but had to stop but I will continue it looks incredible


  5. I appreciate your encouragement so much. Hate admitting this but I have not “found” time to paint since I started doing twitter. Ouch, that really hurt but I said it. And what do I have to show for that. Please keep letting us know and keeping us on the path–painting is so important to the soul. Marie


  6. Lindsay this is beautiful The colors are happy colors. I really enjoy your longer video’s I enjoy them all thank you so much for sharing this Thank you again Hugs Bev


  7. I really like the full length tutorials. I feel more confident that I can do it if you are guiding me every step along the way. And it feels more like a class setting. AND calla lilies are my favorite flower!


  8. Your painting tutorials are wonderful even for someone like me who doesn’t paint. I always learn useful, like how to make a gray that will work with all the rest of the colors. I love how you think out loud. Never change. 🙂


  9. As a beginner with water colours I definitely prefer the full length videos, all the commentary, feels like I am right there with you!


  10. I love the full length painting tutorials. This is beautiful and look forward to trying, think I may do a full canvas painting of this. I got the carandache water crayons for Christmas and am having trouble getting used to them. Do you have any suggestions or tutorials? Thanks and Happy New Year!


  11. I love the long chatty tutorials. If someone doesn’t have time to watch it right away, they can always get back and watch it later when they have more time and or need to relax! I’ve heard you mention several times that your Gansai Tambi don’t have English names, and my set of 36 doesn’t either. I’m kinda OCD, so I spent forever trying to track down the names. I can’t remember where I got the info, from several different places, I think, but these are the names I found, but I can’t swear it’s accurate, since I don’t read Japanese! I hope this helps!

    Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors
    Japanese traditional solid watercolors for professional artists and crafters. Ideal for sketch, illustration, sumi-e and more. Water-based pigment, non-toxic.

    32 red
    35 carmine red
    34 dark pink
    36 wine red
    30 cad red
    31 scarlet red
    33 orange
    44 light brown
    43 mid yellow
    42 bright yellow
    40 lemon yellow
    54 olive green
    51 may green
    53 mid green
    52 ocean green
    58 evergreen
    55 green
    56 marine green
    57 turquoise green
    50 pale aqua
    61 cornflower blue
    64 blue
    63 persian blue
    62 cobalt blue
    66 menthol violet
    67 deep blue
    38 deep violet
    139 purple
    37 deep pink
    44 brown
    47 dark brown
    20 black
    10 white
    95 silver
    91 gold
    90 copper

    Sorry this made the post so long! Keep up the long painting tutorials, please! It’s so much more helpful to know what’s in your head as you go along! Hugs from Florida and Happy New Year! Pam


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