Let’s Paint Calla Lilies in Watercolor {REAL TIME full tutorial!}

Hi friends! Earlier on Instagram I asked if I should keep this painting tutorial (which ended up taking longer than I thought) full length or if I should speed it up.


The vote was unanimous to keep the tutorial long and in real-time with live narration. Well, you have been warned LOL! So, grab your watercolors and paint along with me!


Watercolor (I am using Gansai Tambi)
Watercolor Pencils (Prima)
Watercolor paper (140# 5″x7″ Strathmore watercolor greeting card)
Masking tape, Paper towel
#6 Cat’s Tongue brush (or you can use round) Princeton
Reference photo

Do you think you will try this? I hope so! I was really pleased that you wanted me to keep the tutorial long, I want to be respectful of your time but art takes time and you deserve to spend time doing something you enjoy (every day if possible!) Thanks so much for painting with me today and til next time happy crafting!