2 Videos For the Price of 1: Coloring and Cardmaking!

Hi Friends! Technically the videos are FREE but 2 for 1 had a nice ring to it LOL!


I am trying out some “new” supplies tonight. First up Winsor & Newton PROmarkers and Brushmarkers (formally Letraset) and Winsor & Newton marker paper. I ad not used marker paper before because as a stamper I like cardstock. Today I will demo these markers on this paper and then use the image to make a card!

First: Marker & Paper Review and Coloring tutorial Video (Super helpful if you don’t have many markers as the demo is done with a limited range of colors.)

Please note that I was using the markers that came in the 24 mixed marker set (12 Promarkers, 6 Brushmarkers, 3 metallic & 3 neon markers) I used an old Letraset clear blender marker I had in my stash.

Budget Tip! If you are new to alcohol markers and on a budget purchase the light and pastel shades of art markers (Promarkers/Brushmarkers are a fine choice-shop around though, the prices can vary greatly!)  because you can use them to blend with cheaper permanent markers that you already have or can be bought in multi packs (like Bic Markit or Sharpie) at an office supply store. You can get the look for less and upgrade the brighter shades to art markers as they run dry.

Bottom Line on the Winsor and Newton markers: I like them! I don’t care for the way they set up the 24 mixed marker pack though, the neon and metallic markers are not compatible with the PRO/Brushmarkers and you could ruin a drawing if you grabbed the wrong one, I will remove those from my case and replace them with more pastel shades and a blender. I thank as a beginner you would be better off buying open stock (one at a time of the colors you want) instead of the bold colors in this kit. If you are a seasoned artist and you want to try 4 kinds of markers and can splurge you will like it I think. The 24 set retails for $99 and the individual markers go for $5 each retail.

Winsor & Newton Marker paper:

  • Pros: Bleed-proof paper uses less ink than cardstock, easy to blend, longer working time than cardstock.
  • Cons: Very thin, wrinkles easily, if card making you need to glue it to a substrate so it does not wrinkle or bend.

Now that we have spent the time coloring let’s put the images to good use on a card!

If you are fretting about the wasted cardstock that I tore out of the middle you can die cut or punch it into a shape for later! The stamps I used in these videos are the Birds and Branch set by Stampendous. I also used Prima Oil Pastels as a background for the card.

I hope you found these tutorials useful! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


4 Responses

  1. Your advice for starting out with alcohol inks is spot on!!

    I supplemented my inexpensive set of Bics with these Copics, using a Michael’s 40% off coupon for each one: a blender; very light shades of: green, blue, pink, gray, brown, and skin tone. Green for grass, blue for sky, gray for shadow, pink for cheeks, brown for animal fur and skin tone for, obviously, skin.

    Paired w/ my Bics I have a full range of colors for very little money. Less than $40. I have since bought the Brick White Copic, marker as well as refills for the other Copics.

    The sets of Bics and Sharpies are often on sale at Staples and usually cheap at Walmart. I find the alcohol inks easier to color with and there’s no worry about warping or pillage


  2. Gorgeous painting!!!


  3. Here’s to 2016 and many more videos
    Thanks Lindsey your simply the Best!


  4. Love your coloring videos!


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