Were you a bit hard on your glue gun this year?

Hi friends! I am a heavy glue gun user. I don’t always take care of my glue gun. It is always plugged in and ready to go at a moments notice when I create. With such heavy use I tend to burn through a gun every 2 years. The other day I decided to try something crazy…I cleaned it! It was really easy to do, I even made myself a new glue gun stand. I’ll show you how to do both in today’s tutorial!

There, a nice clean glue gun. Just make sure to use enough aluminum foil so you don’t burn yourself and use an oven mitt or silicone mat to protect your hands while cleaning (Don’t burn your hands off!) I think this is a great way to start the new crafty year off right! So, what are you doing to make crafting easier in the new year! Share in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


PS, if you have been waiting for a new painting tutorial I will have one up at 6pm ET tonight on my YouTube channel!


15 Responses

  1. Hi, Lindsay. I am in the process of cleaning/ re-organizing my craft room. I have a few projects in mind that will call for heavy glue gun use, so I am heading this issue off at the pass! Cleaning up the glue gun and stand right now! It’s heating up while I text this and get some foil! Thanks for the tips! I’ll be one jump ahead of New Year’s resolutions! Lol!


  2. Great idea! I clean mine each time I use it because I would go nuts if it was dirty!! I think I have old age OCD The older I get the more messes and chaos get me jittery! LOL I DO love your homemade glue gun stand!! Definitely checking hubbies wood pile in the basement! Thanks for the laughs and inspiration!


  3. Just FYI, Lindsay, since you’re the queen of Dollar Tree, mine currently have some small, square silicone pads in the kitchen section–nice colors and a myriad of uses. Particularly, the little piece for the hot glue gun stand or for use under your heat gun…and for a dollar.


  4. I have a glue gun, but I rarely use it. The glue keeps coming off if I glue anything but paper with it


  5. What a clever idea…I’m headed out to get silicone pad just so I can make my own hot glue stand…and thank you so much for the great tip on cleaning you gun…I’m guess I’m ocd too…I have to peel the glue gun when I next used it…but I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever need to do this…you are queen of DIY….


  6. That worked really well. I seldom use my glue gun because I’m normally just making cards and scrapbooking so not much use for one. Although I do sometimes use it when I’m attaching heavy alphabet tiles or large flowers to my scrapbook layouts.


  7. After watching your video, I was wondering if anyone had tried cleaning with nail polish remover or just alcohol? I have seen others using these products to get an excellent result….John Mangan for one.


  8. Super cool idea! Gotta watch your video tutorial!


  9. Love how you cleaned your glue gun. I will work on mine tomorrow.


  10. Hi Lindsay,
    I just received my 72 Derwent Intense Blocks and was ready to build a base for the top layer to prevent cracking of the plastic tray. However my set included a thick cardboard with indents at both ends to lift the tray. So, all I had to do was affix some trusty duct tape tabs.
    Maybe your review prompted the company to insert that cardboard.

    Just thought that I’d let you know. I so enjoy your videos. You’re a great inspiration to rooky artists.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Nova Scotia!

    Carol Ann


  11. I’m going to give it the ‘ol college try and clean up my art room. I can’t even stand to walk into the room, it’s so bad. Have a great New Year!


  12. Am just starting to use a glue gun so this is very helpful to me, thank you for the awesome tips!!


  13. Thanks for this. I need mine cleaned but don’t use it as often as you so mine isn’t quite as messy. My crafting areas are though.


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