On my Coffee Table Now…

I just snapped a pic of my coffee table, yes, it is always cluttered (usually WAAAAAAYYYY worse LOL!)


But oh, the joy, I can kick back with a new book or maybe color a bit (BTW I am drawing 3 winners of Color It coloring books tomorrow so make sure you leave a comment on last Tuesday’s post for a chance to win!) I like to have a magazine to flip through when I have a cup of tea and the other day I received a book in the mail from one of my favorite stamping magazines, Rubber Stamp Madness. I decided to review it because I thought it was special. *Please note that this video is not sponsored, nor was I asked to review this by the publisher.


I am inspired to pull out my scene stamps after the holiday, I really miss the process of spending a long time on a piece of stamp art and this book brought it all back to me. If you are interested in the Stamping All Year Long book you can find it on the Rubber Stamp Madness website. They also have a list of stamp conventions on their site, I get asked a lot about stamp shows and they have a great list of them.

I had a lot of questions on YouTube about the glitter eye-shadow I was wearing, I got it at Dollar Tree, it comes in gold and silver, I bought both! It is Cruelty Free and by Wet ‘n Wild and it is my favorite thing right now, I just swiped it on with my finger over my normal shadow and I think it would look great on anyone! Also, you could probably craft with it:)

I will have several more tutorials leading up to Christmas including a Stamp School video so please check back if you are interested but in case you are too busy I wanted to make sure I wished you a safe and merry Christmas! Til next time happy crafting!


27 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for everything. You have actually got me doing water painting. It is so easy and cool. Thank you again for being the inspiration to create.


  2. I am thinking of trying something like that coloring book for adults.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have a magazine I love to read it is called Daphneys Diary published in the UK. I read it from cover to cover. We will be on the road headed to Florida on Christmas day to spend a week. That is what we gave our grown boys, one daughter in law and two grandsons for Christmas. We have a house at Cape Coral rented.


  4. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. By the way I love the 8 ball on your table. Do you use it often?


  5. Loved your YT video of the coloring books! Hope I win one of them!


  6. The book idea is a good one and I’ve done it many times. I agree, I want the book in front of me to re-read and look at the picture if I’m working on a card like the one they show. Thanks for the review. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy and see you next week, or next year. Edna Burgess


  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I really enjoy all you do! Thank you!


  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lindsay, thank you for all you share, I’m new to crafting and have learned so much from you. ^_^


  9. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Lindsay, Thanks for always sharing with all of us. I do appreciate what you do and look forward to watching all the things you create and the videos too so much. So enjoy your time with your family for that is the idea of the Christmas season. See you on the next video. Merry Merry Christmas!!


  10. My coffee table is always cluttered with art stuff too, Merry Christmas Lindsay and good luck to everyone who entered.


  11. What a lovely way to spend some time, Looks great, I feel like doing some doodling now xx


  12. Merry Christmas! I am taking the day off, even though it is raining in NY, to hangout with my cousin, do a little shopping, and a lot of eating. Your idea to gift magazines, or books, is excellent. I think I will help my husband and go to B&N today, lol! BTW, my coffee table looks a lot like yours, only messier…there is also a Color Me Happy 2016 calendar on it, which I cannot wait to color. Your adult coloring book video inspired me!


  13. Totally agree that having the book or magazine in the hand is better than reading on some kind of screen. I’m going to start looking for a nice magazine subscription for myself.

    That said, I get that same feeling of calming down when I see that you’ve posted another video. No matter how stressful my day, it’s nice watch you create and listen to your cheerful voice.

    I have that eye shadow (in silver) in my crafting stash right now. I thought it was a powder when I got it and was going to try and use it for a sparkle mist, but would love to see what ideas you have.


  14. Forgot to add,

    Are you going to be at the Heirloom’s West Springfield Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival again this year? I’d love to take a class with you.


  15. I’m learning lots from following your blog and have rediscovered colouring with my grand daughter. What fun!!!


  16. I don’t have a coffee table so I use a lap desk from Create and craft which stores the stuff nicely. My living room is dark so it is hard to craft in there unless you turn on a lot of lights.


  17. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very Happy New Year! I love magazines too. Passing them on to someone else is a great way to recycle and keep the inspiration flowing. Would you consider doing a series to videos featuring scene stamping perhaps in two or three parts so you could take your time and show us how to create something more complex? I’d like to see that! I have a few scenic stamps that I just never seem to get around to using these days.


  18. Your table looks like mine. I would also like to do some building scenes with stamps can’t wait to see you do some teaching on that. Also what like of pens or markers are on your table


  19. Great idea I also give magazine subscriptions for birthday gift. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year round


  20. Cool video as always!


  21. I love the brush markers you have in the photo. I don’t think I have those colors, but a similar brand.

    Thanks for all you share, it us appreciated!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  22. I’m never too busy too watch one of your videos! Thanks for all you do to share them with us.


  23. In this video you said something that hit a core with me. You mentioned the words “Quick Card.” I am so sick of the videos of quick simple card. Yes there are times when a quick note or thank you card is good but I got into card making and the art of making cards because I love the process. I love spending time with the supplies, the colors and touching the paper. The feel of a beautiful paper is so lovely. I am so glad that you reminded us of why we do this. Not just to quickly put out a group of cards. My Christmas cards are mass produced but when I sit down monthly with my list of that months list of birthday’s and begin the process of making birthday cards I begin with the person. I think and pray for this person while I make their card. I love spending time with the card and adding layers, bling and creating the one of a kind just for that person. I love adding watercolor to a wet surface and watching the paint move. I love adding layer upon layer of colored pencil and watching the color take on a life of its own.

    Thank you very much for the reminder and I do love the way you share your talent with us. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year.

    I look forward to what is new for 2016.


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