Decopauge Ink Jet Prints! {& last minute DIY gifts!}

Hi friends! Christmas is this Friday so tonight I am sharing a few last minute gifts you still have a chance to make:


Wrapped candy bars are great gifts for kids to give their classmates, a lovely scented candle is a nice hostess gift and who can resist a keepsake ornament commemorating a special occasion like puppy’s first Christmas? But I think the most exciting thing is being able to decoupage ink jet prints like I did to make coasters but you can use this technique to decoupage ink jet printouts on whatever you like! Watch the video to see how:

The images I used on these projects are from our sponsor GraphicStock. They are giving all of my viewers $50 off a year subscription to their site (Regular $99)So if you need high quality royalty free artwork for your craft projects or your art business check them out!

Digital images from Graphic stock, a computer and ink jet printer
White paper and cardstock
Red and green cardstock
Mod-Podge and paintbrush
Old credit card
paper towels
Rubbing alcohol
Clear spray paint
Ceramic tiles (Home Depot)
Acrylic Dog Bone Shape (Punch Place Plus)
Metal number and letter stamps, anvil, hammer and soft metal stamping blank
Black sharpie
Craft knife and ruler and cutting mat
Candy bars
Jar candle

All of the instructions for making these quick gifts are in the video above! Enjoy these quick projects and til next time happy crafting!

15 Responses

  1. Love the candy bar covers. What kind of puppy did your parents get? I sure have been missing my dog lately. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.


    • a black lab, they lost their old chocolate lab this fall, I didn’t think they would get another, mom was heartbroken but she is having so much fun with the puppy:)
      (although my dog has her nose bent that she is not the puppy anymore when we visit LOL!)


      • That is good they have a new baby. I just can’t bring myself to getting another after I had to make an appointment to get our Bubba (English Bulldog) put down in July. It just hurts to much can’t go through that again.


  2. […] Decopauge Ink Jet Prints! {& last minute DIY gifts!} – 1 freebie(s)? […]


  3. Cute Ideas Thanks Lindsay.


  4. I enjoy everything u do !! Very talented and frugal. I was wondering if u might be at the CHA convention in Anaheim Ca in January and maybe be a vender for some products. Would live to meet u. Thank u. Know this has nothing to do with this project


  5. Thanks for the tip to using ink-jet printed pictures for coasters – I knew there was a way, just hadn’t found it until now, so a big THANKS to you!


  6. Lindsay, FYI. Unless you provide the link to watch the videos on your YouTube channel, we can’t give you a “thumbs up.” Also, we can’t save the video to our YouTube favorites.


  7. I have been hesitant to jump into the coloring book mania because it’s so.much work on that flimsy paper but you found the solution. Thanks funny lady..


  8. I just signed up. These will be great to use with the Scan and Cut by the way. You’ll be able to cut out any little designs with no fuss! I also forwarded my coupon on to two friends. If anyone you forward to signs up you get another $20.00 bonus on top of your signup savings. Great ideas, Lindsay! And thanks for letting us know how we can set our ink jet printouts to use on ceramic tiles etc.


  9. This is awesome idea!, thanks!


  10. Thanks for the ideas awesome video!!


  11. What’s a Yankie Swap? Inquiring Californian wants to know.


    • Everyone brings a gift and they are opened one at a time, the person can keep their gift of swap it with someone who has already opened their gift. At the end the fist person who opened can swap with anyone. It is fun and funny esp because often people will bring silly gifts and something odd will get stolen back and forth, it is fun for adults on Christmas! Kids might get upset having to trade a gift they don’t want to part with but it is loads of fun with adults. Usually everyone brings a $10 gift and everyone leaves with something so it is also affordable if you have a big group instead or everyone buying something for everyone plus it is funny!

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