For those of you who miss the long chatty videos…

…you are in luck my friends! And know what, I have missed them too! The other day my son needed a birthday card and I did not have one on hand (most of my cards get used right away or the go into my shop in Brewer) so I made one on the spot using supplies on my desk. I turned on the camera and decided to have a chat and a visit too!


Please note that this is a real-time tutorial aimed at beginners and my chatty friends;) You can always click the gear at the bottom of the player to speed things up or mute me completely, I don’t mind 😀


That was fun to make and relaxing. We need to relax this time of year and isn’t that one of the reasons we create? Oh, the jukebox rubber stamp I used is from Carmen’s Veranda, my friend Linda who owns Lost Coast Designs bought Carmen’s Veranda a while back and there are some good stamps there especially if you like weird and vintage and Wizard of OZ LOL! They are a good company too so if you have not seen their stuff before go check them out! I will also be teaching classes for Linda in June in West Springfield MA again this year so stay tuned for details on that! I hope you took a bit of time to relax and create today, I appreciate you stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Nice card. Lindsay when I was in high school there was a jukebox in the cafeteria, three songs for a quarter. Love the seventy’s music. I could listen to you all day. Have a good one.


  2. Love the Jukebox. I remember back in the day, during the holidays we would go over to my Uncle Eddie’s for Christmas and he had a Wurlitzer in the basement. That baby was going all night with 50 & 60’s music. As the metal pucks slid Dow the shuffle board table. Thanks for the memory.

    Now about not watching and listening to you during tutorials. I NEED MY LINDSAY FIX, each and every day. Hear how your weather is , your talk regarding the kids, or just how you drank 3 huge mugs of coffee. Come back to us please !!!!!!!!


  3. Miss you, your chatty videos and Kathy and Lorraine! Hope all three of you have a wonderful holiday!


  4. Great card love the colors!


  5. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    What a colourful and cool card. Thanks for showing us how to make one.
    Thanks also for the falling snow in your e-mail. Here in Toronto, Ont., Canada, we are having mild weather (no complaints) and the weatherperson said we will have a green Christmas.
    Wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed Christmas.


  6. I love watching your videos and love the fact that you show us ways to make things on the less expensive side. Thanks for your videos and I hope to win.


  7. Would love to win any of the coloring books. Thanks for the chance.


  8. so colorfull like it (y)


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