CRAFTmas! Dollar Tree Duct Tape Car Trash Can!

Hi friends! It is time again for CRAFTmas! This week I am teaming up with Sarah from So Craftastic to make a duct tape craft. Make sure you check out Sarah’s channel, her crafts are so cute and great for kids to try. I let my kids make anything they learn from SoCraftastic it’s no wonder she has over a million subscribers, she is that good;) Here is my craft:


This was also a viewer request, thanks Charlene M. for the idea! I also got to use the pretty Christmas duct tape I bought at the Dollar Tree last month. I was really happy with how nice the tape was, it stuck well, was thick and easy to work with. The only downside is that it does not tear well, I usually like to cut my tape but I tried to tear off a piece the other day and it wanted to stretch rather than rip. I just wanted to let you know in case you are a tear-er. 😀

Watch the video to see how to make this portable trash can, it is great for the car, sewing or scrapping table or anyplace you find trash and wrappers piling up.

I also wanted to tell you that there are now holographic metallic duct tapes at the dollar tree, I snagged some rolls tonight while I was out shopping as well as 10 yard solid rolls of black and white. You can’t beat the price if you like duct tape crafts.

Duct Tape (Dollar Tree)
Tarp (Dollar Tree)
Ribbon & glue (optional)
X-acto knife & scissors

If you missed any of the past Craft-mas videos you can see them here. Don’t forget to check out SoCraftastc’s Duct Tape Centerpiece too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. Lindsay, I loved your duct tape trash container for the car, but if you don’t have an easy knob to hang it on, you could attach a button, or anything that would hold, and slip that handle into your glove box, and close it. The button will keep it from sliding out, and you can open the glove box and remove the bag easily to empty it.


  2. Awesome project. I might try this for my scrappy friends to hang from their desks! I don’t think you need the tarp. You cans make a “fabric block” from duct tape by overlapping strips. Then turn it sticky side up and cover the other side. That way, the inside of your project will also look nice and finished. Your Santa buckle idea is cute too. If you made 2 separate handles, do you think it could hold a wine bottle?


  3. Very cute!


  4. Crisis–sitting here with supplies and cannot pull up the car trash bag pattern to cut the bottom–boohoo


  5. (continued) thank you!!! I got up at 2 am to check and it was fixed so I did repairs to the one I had tried and tho it was done all wrong, amazingly it was still adorable. Dollar tree supplies were nice to work with.


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