Let’s Paint Water Lilies in Watercolor LIVE!

Hi friends! Today at 12:30 ET we have another live painting class for you on YouTube! We will paint this using watercolors and watercolor pencils:


Here is a free printable pattern you can transfer onto your paper if you do not want to draw it freehand:


You can watch the live stream or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live with other painters and me you will want to watch it on the LIVE watch page on Youtube.

This live broadcast is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama!

Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Pencils
140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper
Watercolor brushes 1″, 1/2″ flat, #6 round (or near-abouts)
Waterbucket, paper towel

I recommend if you want to paint live you set up your supplies and trace your pattern onto your paper ahead of time. OR, simply relax, hang out and chat during the live show and paint it later. It’s all good. Think of it as an hour of relaxation during this hectic season. Special thanks to my niece Sarah who will be moderating the chat during the broadcast today:) Happy Crafting!



17 Responses

  1. Hello Lindsay! I’ve been watching your watercolor videos on youtube lately and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them! Your personality is so fun and I love painting along with you. Thanks!


  2. What is the difference between cold and hot pressed watercolor papers??


  3. And would you suggest that I use watercolor paper (cold or hot pressed) for copic marker coloring?


    • no, use cardstock, watercolor paper is absorbant and will suck your markers dry, Try Neenah Classic Crest #80lb, Gink K Pure Luxury or Papertry ink Stampers select. There are others too but any cardstock will preform better than watercolor paper with markers.


  4. Just Beautiful!!! You make my day. Didn’t get to watch live but loved it. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh go to Patriot Ministries on Facebook and see where my husband drilled a water well and put a submersible pump in for our soldiers that have PTSD. It has the head Chaplin at Fort Champbell presenting a statue to him that I had to except because he was out drilling. I think that was a good donation because we can’t thank our soldiers enough.


  5. Hi Lindsay,

    I watched your wonderful Friday tutorial and am looking forward to the next one you announced. I love these long videos and the painting turned out beautiful!

    I heard the questions people were asking about which brand of watercolor pencils and water-soluble markers to buy. I have both Faber-Castel Albrecht Dürer and Derwent Inktense and use them both. I think it matters what people want to draw. If I want to draw like say, some pretty candy wrappers with vivid colors I’d go for the Inktense but if I want to draw some velvery peaches I’d always prefer the Albrecht Dürer because the Inktense would make them look too gaudy, even if I try to tone down the colors.

    Same thing with the markers. I have the kuretake zig markers and the W&N watercolor markers and the kuretake are wonderful for something like drawing a Chinese pavillion in bright red and black but if I wanted to draw flowers or fruit the W&N are far better. I doubt a landscape would look natural with the kuretake but if I wanted to draw a still life with groceries in colorful packages the W&N might be too drab. I think one has to decide what one tends to draw.

    I like the colors you mixed for the water and am wondering if it would be perfect for a stormy sky to avoid using plain gray all the time. The cold dark turquoise might make it more colorful if I don’t overdo it.

    I hope you have a nice weekend!


  6. Your painting is beautiful!!


  7. I watched your live broadcast, then I watched again as I painted along. I’m so happy with the the way my painting came out. I may just have to frame it. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials.


  8. Hi Lindsay
    I wasn’t available when this went Live but towards the end you are commenting on a brown handled round by Princeton. Are you calling it a capstone? I couldn’t make out exactly what you called it. Is it a Neptune?

    This was a great chat session to follow and learn from. I was gifted M. Graham watercolors made with Black Raspberry honey. Do you have any experience with these and if so do you care to comment. Being a beekeeper Everyone seems to get me anything related to bees- even my watercolor paint! Love your videos. Also have some
    $ to spend on inktense by Derwent which you like– do I need the big set? Thanks!

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    • M Grahams are my absolute favorite! The honey keeps them from drying out, they are wonderful! I would recommend the full set of Inktense if you can swing it, they are fantastic as well and I think the pencils are better than the blocks. I love the inktense pencils, they are great too!

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