No Experience Necessary…

Hi friends! I saw some really great white ceramic mugs at the dollar store the other day and I thought they would be fun to paint for Christmas gifts and fill with goodies. After I got them home I looked for a serving tray to go with them but I did not have one so I made one out of hardboard and wood scraps. I think it turned out pretty nice!


Watch the video to see how!

Surfaces: white ceramic mugs, 12″x16″ hardboard, wood scrap
The following supplies are by Martha Stewart Crafts:
Vintage Décor Paint: Ivory, Red Wagon, Sailor Blue, Brook
Multi Surface Metallic: Gold, Sterling, Copper
Basic Brush Set
Vintage décor paint brush

1. Paint both sides of hardboard with ivory Vintage Décor paint.
2. Stencil on stripes and snowflakes with Red Wagon, Brook and Sailor Blue VDP. Add silver swirls if desired.
3. Paint mugs with Multi Surface Metallic Paint.
4. Glue feet on the bottom of trey and paint entire bottom red.
5. Add a coat of Vintage Décor wax or sealer to tray.

The paints I used in todays video can be found at Michaels. Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

Video sponsored by Plaid.




6 Responses

  1. brilliant idea x gonna have a go thanks


  2. Love your cups and tray. Have you got your Brother ScanNCut yet?I. I ordered one today can’t wait. My son ordered a 3D printer wonder how they work. Have a good week. Hope you do a tutorial on your ScanNCut sometime.


  3. Love the project. Funny, I thought I missed something when I read the instructions. It said to paint bugs, so I’m looking for where the bugs were.


  4. I’ll watch the video, always wanted to watch someone paint bugs… 😉 Great idea & video.


  5. I love all your videos and great ideas!!! I need to thank you also for the link to D’ArtisianShoppe! I LOVE their paint brushes!!!! They are working on another set also!!!!! I can not wait to see these!!! Will you be doing a demo with them when they come out??? Susan


  6. Great!!! thanks.


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