1 Die 4 Ways!

Hi friends! We all want to get more use out of our supplies right? Today I have used 1 die (and only 1 pass through the die cutter to create 4 different effects!)


I know there is some controversy over using waxed paper on die cuts, if you are worried about that or do not have waxed paper you can use a plastic bag instead: Tip courtesy of Cheery Lynn Designs. I like that I was able to finish two cards with this technique that would be appropriate for a man or woman and it saved me some time too! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “1 Die 4 Ways!

  1. I like your cards very much. I emboss over patterned paper too. I like to glue strips of left over paper (I hate to waste paper too) onto a piece of plain white copy paper and them emboss it. Really makes a nice card. I can’t “like” any of your posts here because it says I need a WordPress password and I use Blogger for my blog – but I do like your posts.


  2. Thanks for ideas on masculine cards. Those are always so challenging for me. What is the name of the double side tape runner you were using. I want one!!!!!


  3. Oh LIndsay, I can so relate to your crafting style…. random, experimenting, saving, reusing…. My art/craft area is chaotic, but that is the way I work best, going from one project to another…just need more room…but then the whole house will be taken over….


  4. You really do show us how to be “frugal”! I loved all of these ideas. I have one of the first cricuts that came out, but I sure want a die cutting machine. Thanks again for sharing!!


  5. Enjoy your teenager. They rock! Half of my 8 grands are teenagers now. They are amazing people. Teenagers get a bad rap that usually isn’t deserved. They are moody, but that’s to be expected. I enjoy them immensely.


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