1 Die 4 Ways!

Hi friends! We all want to get more use out of our supplies right? Today I have used 1 die (and only 1 pass through the die cutter to create 4 different effects!)


I know there is some controversy over using waxed paper on die cuts, if you are worried about that or do not have waxed paper you can use a plastic bag instead: Tip courtesy of Cheery Lynn Designs. I like that I was able to finish two cards with this technique that would be appropriate for a man or woman and it saved me some time too! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Simple cardmaking with die cuts! #thefrugalcrafterlindsayweirich #thefrugalcrafter #cardmaking

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  1. They say run your dies through a few times with a dryer sheet too

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  2. I like your cards very much. I emboss over patterned paper too. I like to glue strips of left over paper (I hate to waste paper too) onto a piece of plain white copy paper and them emboss it. Really makes a nice card. I can’t “like” any of your posts here because it says I need a WordPress password and I use Blogger for my blog – but I do like your posts.


  3. Very pretty cards. Happy birthday to your son. My youngest son will be 30 on the 20th of this month.


  4. Love the cards


  5. Thanks for ideas on masculine cards. Those are always so challenging for me. What is the name of the double side tape runner you were using. I want one!!!!!


  6. Oh LIndsay, I can so relate to your crafting style…. random, experimenting, saving, reusing…. My art/craft area is chaotic, but that is the way I work best, going from one project to another…just need more room…but then the whole house will be taken over….


  7. You really do show us how to be “frugal”! I loved all of these ideas. I have one of the first cricuts that came out, but I sure want a die cutting machine. Thanks again for sharing!!


  8. Great ideas!! I especially love the way you used the wax paper.


  9. Enjoy your teenager. They rock! Half of my 8 grands are teenagers now. They are amazing people. Teenagers get a bad rap that usually isn’t deserved. They are moody, but that’s to be expected. I enjoy them immensely.


  10. Great look!


  11. I like it a lot:)


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