Chicken Update, Azalea Tutorial & Watercolor Pencil Review!

Howdy friends! You were so sweet to ask after our sweet chicken Rosie, she is doing better, eating and drinking more (although not enough I feel like she can go outside) and today she started cooing (that sweet little chicken purr or trill sound they make) again. We gave her a warm bath this evening to clean her feathers, she did not have the strength to stand when she did her business so her tail-end needed some cleaning plus she was a bit exuberant with some yogurt today so she needed the works. She actually seemed to enjoy it then Lila held her in a towel for a bit before we finished with a blow dryer. This chicken is getting the spa treatment and I worry she may never want to back out to the coop! My husband is not keen in the idea of having an “inside” chicken though.


Today we are painting azaleas with watercolor pencils. I was at ACmoore with a rewards check burning a hole in my pocket and I saw a set of 36 watercolor pencils by the brand Fantasia on sale for $16 so I thought I would give them a try. See how they preformed in todays video!


I am glad I found these at this price, I think they would be a good set for a beginner. The downside is that 36 colors is the biggest set and to my knowledge you can’t get individual pencils if you use one up BUT if you use up this set you deserve a professional set because by golly you earned it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found the review helpful and til next time happy crafting!

PS I know that we usually have Stamp School on Wednesdays but do to our chicken drama I have to skip this week but I have a fun Christmas stamping project coming to the blog Friday so you can get your stamping fix!


17 Responses

  1. Besides, I don’t think chickens house train well. LOL


  2. Hi, Lindsay! So glad to hear that your Rosie is doing better! We’ve not had chickens to be patients in our house but we certainly had our share of goats be inside for various illnesses. Nelson who got frostbite on his leg when it was tangled one winter when it was bad outside. We thought he’d lose his leg, but we cared for him using duct tape, gauze and provodone iodine and he grew a brand new hoof, new skin and fur and within 3 months was right as rain. That patient care took about 2 weeks. Snowball broke her fetlock and I went to Walmart and bought some gauze and plaster of paris and set and cast her leg. Recast it over the next 6 weeks and she healed up just fine. And my Sephira who became ill after giving birth to triplet does, decided that she rather enjoyed being the queen on the pallet in my living room and preferred to be inside with us than outside. Good for her that I took her outside often to eat and socialize as a way to build her strength back up. That was twice at about a week each.
    What we do for our beloved pets, right?! 🙂

    I love your painting and the products you demoed, but in doing a search for an AC Moore, I couldn’t locate one within 100 miles from my location. I may have to ask a family member to buy them for me and ship them to my house. I appreciate you buying and demoing product so that we can see how they work before investing in them!

    Have a blessed day!


  3. Great video Lindsay….you always make it look soooooo easy!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. QUESTION: You mention Derwent being your favorite watercolor pencils…do you mean the Intense or the Derwent regular WC pencils? I have a set of 72 Intense (like them a lot), but pastels are not in the set…the other set I have is 24 Primacolor which is also limited. What brand and quantity do you suggest I purchase to round out the Inktense set??????
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
    Paper Hugs,


    • the regular watercolor pencils are lighter and there are more pastel tones. Also the Prima Julie nutting skin tones are nice.


  5. Glad little Rosie is improving. And don’t you worry about stamp school. You have your priorities right. Love and Light to Rosie.


  6. So glad Rosie is improving and you are right, she might want to stay in forever. LOL

    I have Fantasia colored pencils and love them, i will be looking for the watercolor pencils now. 🙂


  7. Hi Lindsay was wondering if you could do a video on making eyes for human and canines? Thank you so much I always have a hard time when I try to make them Thank You Bev


    • I am not sure what you mean…


      • When you make a picture Example the santa with the brown paper in a video. When you go to make the eyes on any type of design example Do you draw the eyes how far apart are they? creating like the (iris) how large I have problems painting, drawing making eyes on any type of medium. I hope I am explaining this to you right Thank you


  8. so glad rosie is doing better.


  9. Nice. An hour & a half you have never had me in a class.i would do better now I think. Not the perfectionist I used to be. I love water color and have got to get busy and try to create something.


  10. Lindsay, I wanted to thank you. So thank you very much. I’ve tried watercolor and didn’t think it was for me. I only started looking on youtube a few weeks ago and found you there. You have inspired me to paint in watercolor and WOW! I CAN paint with them. Wish I could show you what you’ve inspired, but maybe someday I will. Thank you again. Please keep doing what your doing it brings happiness to those you touch.


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