It Takes a Village…

Hi friends! It has been an interesting day here at the Weirich ranch. My hubby noticed that one of our hens was acting odd the last couple days. Standing in one spot, acting confused and last night she did not go into her coop. When I went to check their water this morning she was laying outside in the run looking lethargic. I tried to tempt her with warm oatmeal and yogurt but she was not interested so hubby and I brought her inside and attempted to water and feed her. Then the internet research began and we realized that she could have anything from chicken anorexia (really, it is a thing) to a parasite or she could be eggbound.  I also left a note on my Facebook page that I would not have a new Stamp School video uploaded tonight because I was busy with hen hospice and you guys had so many tips and suggestions, also than you for understanding, you guys are the best! I really expected that she would not make it through the day but we kept up with feeding water by eye dropper every 30 minutes and giving her yogurt and then, like a miracle she stood and drank from her cup on her own! We are keeping her inside the house tonight and she seems pretty content roosting on the edge of her box. I did not see any evidence of mites, worms or bound eggs so hopefully she just had a weird spell.

So you are probably wondering why I am telling you this? Well, just like it takes a village to diagnose our chickens it takes  a village to raise our handmade business. If you are just starting out selling your arts and crafts you are like a fledgling bird, you might not be sure who you can sell your products too or even how you will find the make your wares. It is so important at this stage that you ask for, and accept help for your support system; your spouse, friends and community. I’ll explain more in todays video!

So no excuses, okay? If you want more help running your handmade business I invite you to reach out to one of the gals in my support system, my friend (bestie!) Renae from Rich Mom Business, she has sponsored this video because she wants to see moms succeed and she also created a free course that will help you do just that, you can get the Free Handmade Training course here. Also, next week I will have a live Q&A with Renae so if you have any questions for her leave them in the comments below! You will be able to ask live too, it will be a lot of fun! The tentative date is 1pm ET Wednesday November 18th on YouTube.

I know what it is like to be at the bottom rung of the ladder. When I closed my art studio to stay home with my kids I wanted to start something but I felt lost. When I finally decided that I was worth it I reached out to my support system and they were happy to help me with the gift of time, exposure and feedback. YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO! 🙂 Craft fairs are a’coming, go get um! Good luck and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Have heard that all animals–if dehydrated–can get dizzy from the balance function of their ear. This can result in a bumped head or other accident which is temporary or they can learn to accommodate for it in other ways. Love you and all you do.


  2. One of my friends had a hen who was being pecked on by the other hens, so she made the little hen a dress to help protect her! That’s love! We all need it sometimes!


  3. I love that you love your animals like I do.


  4. Yay! My prayers made it to Maine! I am so thrilled to her that your feathered baby is on the upswing.


  5. I’m sure your hen is very grateful to you. Animals are so precious. Thanks for the video and I did take a class from Rene several months ago and she is awesome. I totally enjoyed her and her information is fantastic.


  6. Just want to say, you are one amazing, big hearted woman.


  7. Hi Lindsay, I think your little hen is suffering from a chicken disease. There are supposed to be medications in the chicken pellets to stop this but it doesn’t always work. It can spread to your other hens, but not to other animals and children. Keep her warm and quiet, Ive been through this a few times. I feed mine warm molasses water with an eye dropper be very careful not to drown your chicken here just run the eye dropper
    along the side of the beak to make the hen swallow. Also I feed my sick girls mince meat and they do very well on this and love it. Odd one. When she comes good just keep an eye on her, she wont be as strong as her buddies and her immune system has been compromised so she probable wont live as long as your other hens but she will be happy. This has worked for me time and again so good luck. This disease usually happens if the weather changes quickly. Hope I have helped you as you have helped me so much over the past year. Good health and laughter to you and your family. Cheers Joan in Australia.


  8. So, glad your chicken is doing better :)) Hope she feels much better soon. I have a question for Renae….how much inventory should I have for my first craft show?


  9. How is chickie?


  10. So glad your little chicken is ok! God bless you for standing by her like you did!!! I was trying to figure out a way to send you a comment….and poof! The chicken did it! Lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say I made a mini MISTI using a plastic CD case!…AND it works great!!! Took out the guts and used some foam board…! I truly felt Stamp Challenged!!! My MS numbed fingers were just not looking good covered with ink!!!! This works great though! You could try it maybe others would find it useful too! Susan


  11. Hi Lindsay so happy to hear that your fur baby is doing better. It is very a sad an upsetting when they are not feeling well. We have quite a few different types of ducks were we live. They are wild etc but we keep checking on them It was a sad day here yesterday we had one that showed up and had died. Two of them were just sitting next to the one that had passed away. really broke my heart to see the one had died

    We see them from birth and then as they grow up. We have a neighbor who has a nest on the side of her tree . they have made a nest there not on a branch but on the side of the tree so beautiful. here in Florida we have many visitors and some of these people have the need to feed a gator, we can see them also along the by our home.

    Once humans feed them then we are all fair game for them it is not their faults. Just like manatee’s someone was trying to give water yes that is what I am saying to a manatee that is in the water saying she thought that it might need a drink I am really wakey wakey time It is that over the top geez plus they want to feed dolphins We do not have manatees or dolphins by our home on our property but one can go watch them in areas not to far from our home.

    So if you would like pictures of a gator duck nest etc let me know we have quite a few wild animals on the lake etc. Anyway take care you and your fur baby are in our prayers thanks BevInFL.

    So sorry for the long message but I enjoy chatting I know you are very busy so never worry if you cannot answer me back I understand.


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