Glass Bottles In Watercolor {LIVE Fridays!}

Hi friends! I will be hosting another live class on YouTube this Friday at 12:30 ET, this time we will paint this in watercolor!


Here is a pattern you can use if you don’t want to draw it:


You can get the reference photo by Anika Makay at Paint my Photo. You will be able to watch the show live, or the replay in the video player below BUT if you want to join the party you can take part in the live chat on the YouTube watch page. You can also ask questions ahead of time if you have some but can’t make it live.

Here is a full supply list:

Tip! If you plan to paint along live be sure to have your pattern transferred and your workspace set up before the show (12:30pm ET 11/13/15) but don’t worry, you can always watch the replay as many times as you need:) I am so excited to paint with you Friday! Happy crafting!


22 Responses

  1. Oh Lindsey, I will have to watch the replay, as I will be at work during the live presentation… I really enjoy your painting videos and will be with you in spirit….You and your viewers are really going to have a blast, as this painting looks really FUN!


  2. How much time do I need for this class? I am new Thank You


  3. I think this is great…unfortunately, I too am teaching a painting class Friday afternoon, so will have to watch it after the fact. Just wondered, should the watercolor paper be stretched first?
    Am looking forward to another one that I can watch live! Thanks for all your videos!


  4. Looks like a great video! I can’t wait to try it. And thanks for the PMP link! :@)


  5. Can’t wait! How do I download the pattern?


  6. Amazing painting Lindsay!
    -Grace from fb! 🙂


  7. Oh I misunderstood! I thought it was how to paint ON a bottle!!! LOL I really want to paint on some wine glasses or a bottle- like how they have at those classes- still looks really cool tho!! 🙂


  8. Unfortunately I will be working but I can’t wait to watch your video!! Thank you for the pattern I can get started on it now:D


  9. I too will have to watch the replay, but that is perfectly fine. I’m looking forward to it.


  10. Hey Lindsay, this sounds amazing! I hope to be there on time! Thanks. Love ya’ Patricia B


  11. This is going to be fun! I love the colors and the background. Will I need something to dry wet paint in between? I usually never do that because I use the breaks to get up and move around to take a look at what I’ve done from all angles, make myself some tea etc. so I’d have to find a plug for my hair dryer.

    Thanks for the opportunity to paint along with you “live”! As I live in Germany I would never have the chance to come to your classes.


  12. I’ll be there! Will rest as much as I can during the day ( got this flu bug or whatever it is…. )



  13. Loved the painting and chat, thanks, Lindsay and Sarah. Were you going to post a link to Cinnamon’s periscope video too?


    • thanks! I am not sure how to, I think it is only live from 48 hours so maybe if you search cinnamon cooney on periscope or twitter you can see it…anyone else have other info? She said she could upload it to facebook too so hopefully she does, it was a hoot!


  14. I’m late with this comment because I just finished watching your live painting lesson. Thanks so much it sounds silly but your down to earth approach has helped to understand more than I have with others.


  15. Great!! Thanks so much!


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