Cheap Jewelry Supply Review! Headpins and Jumprings

Hi friends! I hope you had a safe and happy Halloween yesterday! We had a blast with our annual open house, I pulled a witch doctor costume together at the last-minute that I was pretty proud of (Pics on the Facebook Page) and fun was had by all. How was your Halloween? Tonight I have a quick review for you. I bought some bulk headpins and jumpring assortments at Oriental Trading Co. a couple of weeks ago when they had a free shipping on any size order deal because I had wondered about the quality for a while and I love to buy in bulk because that way I won’t often run out and those are items I go thorough like water. See how they preformed in this video!

Here are the details!

Products reviewed:

*This video is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Oriental Trading Company or Harbor Freight. I bought these and thought you might like to know if they are a good value or not because I have wondered about them for a long time and I did not know anyone who had actually bought them. I’m happy with them and I use more silver and gold than anything so it works for me. Happy crafting!

6 Responses

  1. Love your witch doctor costume. Glad you had a good time. Have a good week.


  2. Thank you Lindsay for the share I am starting out here on wordpress so if I mess up something please bare with me. I had tried to follow you not sure if it went through. I also have blog on blogger. These blogs are just starting to be used by me planninh on posting the things I create. Plus other things, anyway have a great week. I would love to see any Christmas creations from you I know you are a busy gal no pressure what every you share I am grateful for.


  3. Hey Lindsay, thanks for the review. Love ya’


  4. Thanks for the info. I have wondered about them also so now I know.


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