It’s Like the Marathon of Craft Nights!

Hi Friends! Lookie what i did tonight!


It was the annual Day of the Dead celebration at our local library tonight and we had a ball. We almost ran out of sugar skulls and it took both Audrey the Librarian and me both to keep frosting bags filled and to the keep kids from eating the icing LOL! Oh, and we managed to teach them a bit too! I did not get a chance to sit and snap a pic of my decorated sugar skull til it was over! There is something so special and fun about watching 30 giddy kids wielding bags of frosting, feathers and sequins. I love how the Mexican culture is not afraid of death and honors and celebrates those who have passed. I know this custom can seem strange but that is what is great about public libraries, they open your eyes to other cultures and customs. Last year I filmed the process of making and decorating the sugar skulls, and also some info about the traditions of Day of the Dead in Mexico. Please take a moment to watch this video and meet my good friend Audrey who our community is fortunate to have as our local librarian.


Even if this project isn’t for you I am happy your curiosity made you check it out. I am always a bit worried when I share a project from a different culture that I might get something wrong and offend someone. I hope I didn’t and if I did get something wrong you will teach me. This is hands down our most popular event for kids and families at the library, it is an all-hands-on-deck kinda thing but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m pooped and my hands will be stained the color of frosting for a few days but I loved every minute of it! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. That looked like it was so much fun! And they look great.


  2. We had a wonderful Day Of The Dead Celebration at our house last year with family and friends. Everyone put things in a place of honor or told a story about their loved ones. Thank you for honoring this celebration with kids of all cultures’ .


  3. Those look so cool! I have been wanting to do this with kids / a class for a long time and never seem to get the molds ordered…… I need to. How sturdy are they? Would they transport easily? Or is that why ya’ll made them there?


  4. I can see why you would be exhausted after all of that. My goodness, what an event. Great job and my hat off to you for doing this.


  5. Since my birthday falls on ‘The Day of the Dead” – also known as “All Saints Day” in the church, I think it would be fun to gather the family to make these on my birthday. The grand kids will have so much fun! Thank you Lindsey for another great project.


  6. This is so wonderful. I think this library is super lucky to have such a dedicated person working there to do this. I have been thinking of making some for my decor but minus the sugar as my building has bug problems. Maybe paper mache with glitter on the outside to give it that sugary look. For frosting maybe a mix of acrylic paint and gel medium.


  7. Anything with frosting love to eat it!! They all look awesome:)


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