Budget Craft Room! {My Neice Sarah’s New House!}

Hi friends! My niece and her husband just got their first house and I offered to help her unpack her craft supplies and set up her craft room. It was a lot of work but lots of fun (I work for coffee LOL!) and now she had a place to create everyday! Watch the video to see the transformation and money-saving tips!


Sarah used the shelves she already had and her husband made a wooden shelf to house rubber stamps. It is important to see what you have BEFORE buying or making more storage items.


Vintage jars hold buttons and ribbon scraps and sturdy shelves from the big-box store hold paper and books.


This pretty lamp and a nearby window provides perfect light for jewelry making!


Plastic gutter from the home improvement store was cut to length and screwed to the wall to hold ribbon.

Everything in the room can be seen so it will get used. I am so happy to see Sarah and John in their first home, I can tell there is a lot of happy times ahead of them, and crafty times too! What was your favorite money-saving storage tip? Are you going to try any of these ideas? Let us know! We hoped we inspired you with this makeover! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 Responses

  1. I loved this video — I always like to see who does what and where! I have a question — where did you get that wonderful display thingy for the acrylic paints? It’s very cool!!!!


  2. Not bad at all for her first craft room. Well done ladies. I’m going to do the gutters for ribbons and one for my fat bottles of paint and the such. Thanks for sharing guys


  3. I saw the video about her making her craft room the other day and was inspired to bring the folding table into my “retreat”. I moved my sewing machine to a corner to make room for my folding table, but I love the idea of not having to use the kitchen table or side table in the living room to photograph food, or Still-life images.
    Now I only have to fold up on Major Holidays when Big Baby Boy is home.
    My retreat is not as cute as it was before the folding table went in, but it’s a whole lot more convenient for me and the family! I think I just to find a cuter table than the folding one. 🙂

    This inspiration comes on the heels of our Major Holiday Season in the States so, I won’t a lot of time to use this new gift of space, but I have about a month to use it before breaking down the folding table for Big Baby Boy’s Holiday visits.

    Merci a mille fois! Lindsay you have jump started my artistic side more than words can say! I’m so thankful for the Internet, and generous people like you. You came into my life at just the right time! Thank you!!!
    I hope I’m able to pay it forward one day with photography, or some thing else.


  4. I love the gutters for ribbon. I’m using a filing cabinet drawer for mine now and it is in clear plastic bags. The gutters would make it much more accessible. I’ll have to think about how to incorporate that in my “fun” craft room. Thanks for all the ideas.


  5. Thanks for the video….very interesting to see what you did on a budget…some great ideas!!!! Love the stamp storage shelving and the gutters for your ribbon!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  6. You both put in a lot of work organizing this room. Now all the supplies are in a convenient spot to do your work. That’s great. My room is an ongoing project of organization. Some day I’ll get it right.


  7. Love Sarah’s room. Very nicely organized in an affordable way. I really love your wood dresser with the shallow shelves. Where did you ever find such a wonderful treasure? I’m borrowing one of your ideas when you panned the camera around your room. In the closet I spotted a pants hanger with necklaces hanging on it. What a perfect way to store all my “jewels”. Thanks for the great idea. Enjoy your new space where you only have to shut the door to make it clean; We all have works in progress.


  8. And I thought I had craft supplies. I have a lot, but this makes me look like an armature. My dream is to have a craft room where everything is accessible and room to work. Congrats.


  9. I loved your room. Since I love crafting and gardening, it reminded me of how similar they are in that both are always a work in process. Just when you think it is perfect, you find that you start a new craft or you get a new idea for a little spot in your yard. O well, it is all wonderful. Thanks again for all your inspiration.


  10. We are downsizing and moving into a 5th wheel and the small bunkroom has become my craft cave. So I appreciate any storage ideas I can get. Thank you so much for sharing and best of wishes for your niece and her husband!


  11. Really love the ideas. I have my crafts located in my small bedroom. I have no other room for them. It is kind of nice to roll out of bed when I have inspiration and in my jammies. I use an old sewing desk located in front of my window. The drawers hold my chalks, tape runners, glues,etc. I did find a neck light from Goodwill for a song. It provides so much light for me. I have all my stamps in binders. I wish that I had left the sentiments on their wood blocks. Clear stamps work the best in binders. They are attached to sheets that they cling to and not from their packaging. I do admit that I have way too much. I, also, keep my dies in binders with sleeves from Office Max.


  12. Is the rain gutter strong enough to hold punches?


  13. Need you to come to my house. Do you like Hawaii?


  14. Tell you niece awesome room! Lindsey could you do a short video on measuring, eg .25,.75 etc?


  15. You can tell Sarah is related to you,Lindsay……HA! Great craft room!! Beware that top shelf in the closet…..she’ll never use that stuff. LOVE the doggie laying on the floor in the before pictures….hope he/she has a cozy space in the room also!!! LOL!


  16. How nice of you to help your niece set up her craft room. I love the idea of using plastic rain gutters for storage.


  17. Wow the plastic gutter idea is so cool!!


  18. Totally enjoyed the craft room tour.. lots of cool ideas. Congrats!!!


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