Stamp School 18: Problems with Pop-ups? & Whimsicle Watercolor!

Howdy friend! Today I am remaking the birthday card I gave my sister last weekend.


It was a pop-up card and she loved it (so it was totally worth the time an aggravation LOL!) I thought “Hey, this will go so much easier the second time I make it because I can do everything correctly now and I can show you how to do it right…

…not exactly, watch the video to see how it really went down.

Then it occurred to me that this is how many mechanical cards go, even with fancy dies or equipment there is still quite a bit if figuring and fussing to be done. It is kinda fun actually. I really wanted to post this video, awkward parts and all, to show you that things can be a challenge for everyone, even people who have been card-making for years.


That watercolor crayon technique though, that was cool and easy, eh? You must try it. You can do just about the same thing with your watercolor pencils too, experiment with what you have. Speaking of, you don’t need fancy dies to make pop ups, it can make it easier but all you really need is an xacto knife to cut the slits and tabs. Not that I am slighting the Stampendous dies in the least, they are fantastic (but their stamps are even better so if you have to pick and choose the stamps are always more versatile.)



  • 1/2 sheet of heavy cardstock cut the long way and scored in half. I am using Recollections 110#
    cardstock weight pattern paper cut 10 1/2″x4″ for pop up insert (you can use other pattern paper for accent too!)
  • Watercolor paper: one panel 4″x5 1/2″ for card front and some for stamping jar and flowers (I used Canson XL)
  • Watercolor crayons (I used Lyra but any brand is fine-you can even try pencils or paints!)
  • Build a Bouquet stamp from Stampendous *Dies also available NOTE!!! These are out of stock many places but Hallmark scrapbook is getting more in and they have the lowest prices on Stampendous cling stamps and dies I have seen! (Affiliate link)
  • Pop Up Dies from Stampendous
  • Scissors, double-sided tape, hot glue

I think in hindsight that the flower pop-up card is more difficult to do that other designs that have smaller, less jagged pieces but I just love that set and wanted to use it. Feel free to adapt it to your tastes. Let me know if you attempt this design or if you plan to use the watercolor technique and til next time happy crafting!

15 Responses

  1. The shading your accomplished, Lindsay, makes the petals appear three-dimensional. Music sheets without notes is a silent statement to me that I can write my own happiness. Lovely.


  2. Hi Lindsay, I have this stamp and die set and also struggled with building my card the first time. After watching your video I seen you started assembly from the top down, and I also had trouble with gluing. You stated you didnt see a video and there is one here-

    Fran built the flower arrangement from the vase first then up and to the sides, seems to make it easier for proper placement and overhang. I will also try this again myself. Hope this helps.

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  3. I liked seeing the solutions you came up with to the challenges of pop ups. A very real demonstration! Thanks.


  4. Perfect! So happy to see that everyone struggles! I always need two or three attempts for new projects.


  5. I love seeing videos like this, because it give me more ideas on how to overcome situations!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Moxie Craftie


  6. I love watching video’s where it doesn’t go smoothly. It makes me feel better about my own failings and also makes me persevere to overcome the challenges. Thanks this was great!


  7. Lindsay how would it do with the 2 sided tape that is the scotch brand. And don’t they also have the removable tape so you could reposition it if you wanted to. Very pretty card I love it.


  8. Very pretty card. I particularly liked the way the crayons worked. You definitely have the knack of making a mason jar! I’m assuming that gel crayons would work the same. I downloaded several Studio files for popup bases. I love the idea of a plainer decoration for the outside so that the real wow comes hidden on the inside. I’m sure she did love it!


  9. Thank you Lindsay, I have this but haven’t tried making a card yet:-) Joyce


  10. Beautiful card! Thank you very much for this. Really like that stamp set. Will be looking for it. Have a great day!


  11. Very pretty card! Keep up the great work! God bless!


  12. Love this tutorial. I have a couple of these but have been too intimidated to use them! Thanks to you I’ll get them out and give it a try.


  13. I have never tried a pop-up card. I’m going to have to give this one some thought! It is quite beautiful.


  14. It’s a beautiful card!! Love pop up cards there so much fun!! Though the last time I made one was back in grad 3 or 4. Thank you for the tips I don’t have any die cuts so hopefully I can pull it off. lol


  15. Thank you Lindsay! I have the die set but have not used it yet. I’m sure after watching this video that I will have an easy time. I also love the watercolor crayons!


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