I have an embarrasing amount of button stamps…

Hi friends! The other day I showed you how to make a quick crochet cowl. Today I am going to give you an idea for packaging them for sale or gift giving using supplies from our sponsor Papermart!


I love vintage sewing things and I have dozens of vintage button rubber stamps and to tell you the truth I will probably buy more LOL! This project will put them to good use! Look at your stamp collection and see if you can fashion something similar. Watch the video to see how I did it!

I make sheets of printed price and description tags for the items I sell a lot like watercolors,  cards, jewelry and handmade journals. It really saves time when I have to package and price my items for my shop or a craft fair. I simply use the address label feature in Open Office (that is a free word processing software similar to Microsoft Word, but MS Word has the same feature if you prefer that) and print sheets at a time. Then I can use a paper trimmer or craft punch to make my labels to slip in clear bags or attach to the pretty display tags like I did here.

Shipping Tags (I am using the 2 3/8″x4 3/4″ size)
Bakers Twine
Stamps (Papertrey Ink, Inkadinkado)
Ink (Dye Based-Altenew)


Make sure to check out Papermart for all of your fall craft fair and Christmas packaging/wrapping supplies. They have the highest quality products and the lowest prices. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “I have an embarrasing amount of button stamps…

  1. cute tags but I resent your frequent plugs for Papermart. Their shipping rates are sky-high and you have to buy in HUGE quantities.


    1. I understand your concerns but if you have ever ordered bulk packaging supplies for a handmade business you have to pay shipping (I have ordered from others and it is the same but the prices were higher and the quality was less) when you buyfrom craft stores you get a smaller quantity but pay much more per item even calculating the shipping. The tags I use are $5 for 10-20 in the craft store and I get 500-1000 for $15 at papermart, the per tag price is 25 cents at a craft store vs 3 cents at papermart and it really adds up if you use as much as I do. The clear bags alone I use by the 1000s and have to reorder ever 18 months or so. I might be too much of some items for the average crafter but it is ideal if you have a craft business. Also Papermart has been adding smaller quantities of their most popular items to make it more convenient to crafters. I recommend that you wait to order until you have a bunch of things you want so you can qualify for quantity discounts and go in on the order with friends to share shipping and the bounty of product. And as always you are welcome to recreate any of my projects with the product you already have.


  2. I got a new stamp set today a pack of really nice Christmas and Birthday one’s for my dad’s Birthday on thursday 🙂
    I’ll save the Christmassy one’s for nearer well Christmas LOL
    they were a nice price £4 amazon.co.uk does some amazing stamps!
    thanks for tutorial awesome!
    -Grace from fb 🙂


  3. Those tags are wonderful and I love how you put the smaller one on the back. That’s a great idea. And, why wouldn’t you plug Papermart? Dah, they are your sponsor, right? Shipping is NEVER cheap anywhere, but you make it up with quantity order pricing and come out ahead in the long run if you use a lot of supplies. Like you said, combine orders with friends. That’s what I do. You don’t plug them that often either!


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