Holy Cowl! A free easy project for you!

Hi friends! When my neighbor showed up at my house with two huge bags of Boutique Chic yarn by Red Heart for me (thanks AMY!) I knew I had to design a project that would show off the unique characteristics of this bulky pompom chenille yarn.


After a bit of trial and error I came up with this cute one ball cowl that is fun and easy to crochet. Watch the video to see how I made it!


1 ball Boutique Chic Yarn (or #6 bulky yarn or you can use 2 stands of worsted weight yarn)
US 15 hook(10mm)
yarn needle
measuring tape

1. Chain stitch a 24″ long chain.
2. Join chain to make  a ring with a slip stitch.
3. *Chain 3 and double crochet (Treble) in each stitch in round and join round with a slip stitch.
4. Repeat * row 5 times.
5. weave in ends.

I hope you like this project! I think they are so fun to make! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Looks very warm for those cold winter days. Oh I am not looking forward to winter. I just gave away 5 huge bags of yarn and still have a lot left. I guess I am a yarn collector. I love crocheting better than knitting I think it works up faster. Have a good week.


  2. I don’t know how to knit or crochet, but this looks like a fun project that I’ll try to tackle. Thanks for the great tutorial!


  3. That looks so comfy and cozy. What a great idea and so quick too. Thanks.


  4. I love to crochet. However I am old school do you by chance know what letter a size 15 hook is? I love making Cowl’s yours is very pretty thank you for sharing this project.


  5. I would really like to see you paint some flowers with the Zig Kuretake paints. I think you are a super spectacular person to share so many helpful crafting tips that are not limited to any particular area of crafting. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you.


  6. I’m not a crocheter but you make it look so easy I may give this a try! Very nice. I do have a question what is the additional length on your hook. I’ve never seen one like it. Thanks for another fun tutorial.


    • it is a Denise hook, I have the interchangeable set and you can connect them for different effect like Tunisian crochet. When using them strait I put the end on so my hook does not slip out when I put my work down:)


  7. It looks so warm!! Awesome job!!


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