Let’s paint Holly! (Cute watercolor Christmas card idea!)

Hi Friends! Here is a watercolor tutorial for you! Feel free to paint this larger than card size if you want, if you really like it you can always scan it and have it printed as a Christmas card!


Here is a traceable pattern for you.


And here is the free video watercolor tutorial. Enjoy!

So, how did you like using masking fluid? If you don’t have that you can always apply white acrylic paint after the painting is dry for snow, heck, you can even sprinkle some iridescent glitter into it for extra realistic fun!

5″x7″ Strathmore watercolor card
Watercolors: Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Hookers Green, Lemon Yellow
Brushes: #12 angle, #4 & #10 round, #2 liner
Other: Tape, pencil, water, masking fluid with old brush and soap, graphite paper

Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!



14 Responses

  1. Great job, Lindsay. And, thanks for the pattern too.


  2. Really helped me thanks Lindsay :0)


  3. I love these long watercolor videos and I like it the way you only used a couple of colors. When I’m outdoors I only have my tiny Cotman paintbox and need to be able to mix colors from what I have.

    I was never a fan of using masking fluid because I am too impatient to wait for it to dry but I bought masking fluid from Molotow in what looks like markers and it’s supposed to dry quicker. I could even use it to sign this card and paint background over it if I wanted to.

    Thanks for adding the pattern too! The pictures I found online only show clusters of holly, difficult for me to pick out one single twig to paint. Of course I could go outdoors and find a holly to take a picture of myself but I wanted to try this out at ONCE!!


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    I love your cool and awesome watercolour painting! Thank you for your holly pattern as it shows how to outline and draw holly. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your many talents.
    Best wishes. Have a great week-end.


  5. Love the watercolor Christmas cards. I have so many to make yet. Thank you!


  6. I would totally buy that card. Thanks for sharing your awesome talents.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing. When I start to put other things in front of my art I see one of these cute projects and I am inspired all over again! Happy day!!!,


  8. love this card. do you have a diy way to make my own glossy accents……help. thanks Lindsey



  9. This turned out so lovely, i think I’m going to use it for my paint party make-and-take. And thank you so much for posting it along with the great painting tips. I have not used masking fluid too much, so I paid careful attention. So inspirational!


  10. Really liked the video and I am getting started on the watercolor now. I am able to draw but its nice to just print out the pattern and get started!!!


  11. Beautiful card, thanks so much for the copy, I can’t wait to try warercoloring it !!!


  12. I painted a rendition of your Christmas Card and just now posted to my wordpress blog if you would like to see. I am trying to catch up on all your videos. Have not painted in the past few months as we bought a new house and been so busy. Watching your videos have really brought my interest back and I just love how entertaining you are, your videos are amazing and someday I hope to be as gifted and experienced as you are. Many thanks for all your inspiration and you now have a dedicated person who loves to learn from the videos you do! Many thanks and keep them coming … love, love, love your work!


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