Stamp School 16: Cardmaking with Paper Napkins!

Hi friends! There are so many lovely designs on paper napping, wouldn’t it be fun to use them on cards? Well tonight I’ll show you how! This is not a new technique but it was new to me. Is it new to you?


Watch the video to see how easy it is to fuse napkins to paper to use in your card, I bet you have everything you need to do this already!


Paper napkin
Plastic wrap
Stamps, ink, patterned paper, glitter pen
Silicone mat as a work surface (or a stack of newsprint.)
Foam tape: Simon Says Stamp

1. Cut panel from Napkin.
2. Cut cardstock slightly bigger than napkin.
3. Place plastic wrap on cardstock, then place the napkin on top.
4. Place a sheet of thin paper on top and iron using a high dry setting.
5. Trim and use on your card.

Try this with pretty holiday napkins of leftover ones from parties! A viewer suggested saving a napkin from a wedding to make a keepsake with and I think that is a wonderful idea, don’t you? Another viewer asked if there was a smell when I ironed the plastic wrap and there was none.  Let me know what you think of this technique and if you plan to try it, also if there is anything else you want to learn on Stamp school in the future let me know! Please share this post with your crafty friends and til next time happy crafting!


20 Responses

  1. Wow going to have to work up some quick Christmas cards. I might get some made this year. I really like this technique.


  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Could this work with vellum?


  3. Great technique and the possibilities are endless 🙂


  4. Well done Lindsay!


  5. what is the name of the vintage looking halloween stamp set you showed during the frame part? the one with the head, clear stamp set?


  6. Here are two I taught in a class, I love napkins…keep up the awesome job, have to read you everyday….thanks for all your sharing you do…

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  7. i love doing this, and find the cheaper the plastic wrap teh better it works, and I love how it feels like fabric after


  8. You can also iron the napkin onto freezer paper (one side of that is waxed so the wax will hold the napkin) Works great. I take a large enough piece of freezer paper and iron on the whole napkin at once and then cut it up into whatever sizes or shapes I like


  9. Even easier is to use spray adhesive! Have used it for years. Love the results. Glad to hear you so excited about a new frugal crafting technique. I find it best to spray the cardstock I’m going to stick TO instead of spraying the napkin.


  10. I would like to see you do some cards with the stampendous poinsettia stamps and dies. I would like to have them but together they are quite expensive. would like to see what can be done with them. thanks.


  11. Another project to try! Thanks so much.


  12. I’ve done this several times but some discount wraps do not work as well. Love your wedding napkin idea.


  13. OMG… I love this idea! I’m just as excited about it as you are Lindsay! I have got to see if it works with thin material too. I don’t sew but I’ve a collection of Laurel Burch quarters, and didn’t like the idea of using fusible webbing or spray adhesive. If this works, then I can start using my stash.


  14. You mentioned the home made daubers. I was telling my mom about them and now she is always saving all kinds of lids for me so I can have a variety. Your card came out really pretty. I have heard people say do not use Distress ink for stamping but I like it and I like how you always do your own thing and the way you want to do things.


  15. I have also used Xyron and that worked really well. I put the piece of cardstock through the machine and then adhered the napkin on top.


    • Great idea Cyndee! This may work well with fabric too. (I just do not trust fusible webbing; maybe mine is old or I just iron too much)


  16. Fantastic technique! Thank you for sharing Lindsay 🙂


  17. Can’t wait to try this! I’ve been saving gorgeous napkins for years and thought I would have to go the mod podge route, but these seems so much easier and quicker. I love napkins so much, I even participated in a napkin swap once!


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