Don’t Waste Your Paint!

Hi friends! If you paint with acrylics you know how quickly it dries and how much can go to waste on your palette. Tonight I will show you how to make a paint saving palette out of a take-out food box. Watch the video to see how!

I find if you use palette paper you need the marble weights but if using wax paper it stays flat. Let me know if you would like more art room hacks and if you liked this tip please share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Very clever!

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  2. I’m just getting into painting and loved this tip. I would enjoy more quick tips. You always have lots of them up your sleeves!!


  3. Great idea Lindsay and I will try it. Thank you, Joyce


  4. Great. I hadn’t thought of using wax paper as palette paper. Good idea. 🙂


  5. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. You can also put your paint pal in the freezer. Just make sure it is air tight. Then freeze it take out about 30 minutes before use. My mom taught me this over 25 years ago when Tole painting first came out with acrylic paint use.

    You can also get some stuff to slow down drying time you add it to paint.Another product to make it flow( second coat) better without lifting the paint underneith that you just painted . This allows you a few minutes more of working/ shading time if you are a slow painter.

    Also can put your brushes in freezer just wrap in plastic and freeze saves cleaning them . That way if coming back in a day or two and or don’t have time to clean really good right then,

    Yes this works for wall painting too.HTH


  7. Love this idea! Great for creating multi production Christmas things! I tried this but used the container upside down; seemed to have better control over those marble weights.


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