Warning: You might think this craft is gross!

Hi Friends! When I spied this empty feed bag in the garage I knew I wanted to try to make a reusable grocery shopping bag with it!


It is a strong tarp like woven material that will be better as a bag than rotting in a landfill and best of all you can make it in 15 minutes, no sewing required! All you need is grain bag and duct tape for this project!


Now, you might get some funny looks when you go shopping with your chicken bag but you can hold you head high knowing that you are saving a few trees…on the other hand, if you are the type of person who raises backyard chickens and turns their feed-bags into shopping bags you are probably shopping at the health food store and there is no judgment there. I’m letting my freak flag fly, how about you? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


20 Responses

  1. This is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I love you for this and Pope Frances would be equally impressed! You ROCK!!!


  2. I think it’s a great idea for something made strong. Clever and worthy of your frugal title.


  3. My nieces make aprons from their feed bags. (Sewing is involved.)


  4. Lindsay, There is a lady at my church that sells recycled shopping bags at our fall craft fair and she does very well. They are so sturdy.


  5. I think it’s a great idea. I gave up years ago worrying about what other people think of me or my choices. Ladies used to make quilts out of chicken feed sacks….and today they are quite valuable.


  6. I have a beautiful shiny purple cat food bag with a cute cat on the front. I will make this bag into a gift bag using your instructions. Thank you again and again for all your great ideas and easy instructions.


  7. I love this! We have TONS of these type of feed sacks, and when you said tarp, made me wonder if I could use them as a tarp…I’m gonna duct tape some together and give them a try this year, to cover the goats hay! Yay, new project, and the most colorful tarp around!!!


  8. If you don’t want to leave the bag as is you can use duck tape to cover the whole bag giving it even more strength!! I for one will be making at least 2 of these each month out of my dog food bags and will carry them to the store with pride! Thanks for the inspiration!


    • I wonder if it would be a good idea to let the handles go right down under the bag and up the other side to make the bag even stronger. This bag is such a nice idea …. I have a thousand ideas what to use them for. Like flower pots from the garden shop, easel and drawing board for the drawing class, stuff we have in the car always rolling around in the trunk ….. if you ask me, people will be copying these bags in no time!


  9. Are they weight worthy? Very clever! LIKE MUCH!


  10. Recycle, reuse, repurpose, and rethink can save money and help Mother Earth! Using what we have helps to keep us from clutter, too. Thank you, Lindsay. Now all I need are some chickens!


  11. Such a clever idea. Love it. Edna


  12. I make them all the time, dog food sacks, and feed sacks. The only difference is I sew my handles on and reinforce the base with stitching as well. I do add duct tape for a bit of color fun. Love your videos!

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  13. I applaud this clever idea. I am from the era where we had to be creative because there just were not so many products on the market so recycling was necessary. My conscience kicks in whenever I dispose of something useful but tacky for the fashionable look. Rock on, sister.


  14. What a cool project, Lindsay! I think the chickens would approve.



  15. Wow! What a neat idea! You could also use these for gift bags or for carrying craft supplies or giving items to charity. Goodwill can pass along a bag full of items to someone in need plus they get a sturdy bag. As a little girl growing up in Appalachia we made pretty dresses and curtains out of feed sacks. The prints were very dainty and flowery–made lovely things. BTW I wanted to tell you that your chicken are so pretty and healthy looking.


  16. I love making these-potting soil bags are even better-can fold up when stored back in truck!! I have some over these bags that are 6 years old!! –Lorraine


  17. This is awesome,and I love it!i will be doing mine soon!


  18. Love it. Thank you.


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