Let’s Paint Sheep! Long Painting Tutorial for Beginners!

Hi friends! Thanks for encouraging me to post this long tutorial, it was one of the photos I took at the common ground fair last week. It was really fun to paint!


Here is the reference photo:


And here is the video! Get comfy, make a hot cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and let’s paint!

8″x10″ DaVinci Pro Panel
Turner Arcryl Gouache (or the acrylic colors you prefer)
12 Shades of Gray Acrylic Set (or you can mix your grays)
Black Swan Brushes
Hog fan brushes
Watercolor pencils (any brand is fine)
palate and water bucket

1. Sketch the sheep on the panel with watercolor pencils.
2. Paint the background shades of green (mixes of green, cobalt blue, burnt sienna, lemon yellow) and let dry. Try not to cover your sketch as much as I did to save time later!
3. Start painting the sheep using a small filbert and tapping strokes. Start with white in the highlight area and pick up gray and add it is as you move to the shadowed areas.
4. Add details with a mix of black and greyed brown.
5. Use a combination of fan brushes and yellow-green paint to paint the foreground grass and then add detail grass with a liner brush.

I hope you spend some time painting this weekend! BTW, if you hear the gentle sounds of rain in the video it is because I filmed it Wednesday and we got 5″ of rain LOL! I am lucky I wasn’t swimming in my basement studio! Thanks to Jerry’s Artarama for sponsoring this video, that to you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Oh boy. The sheep. I have been waiting for them. Thanks.


  2. Oh, I spoke too soon. Don’t have acrylics. Can I use them same technique with water colors?


    • Not really, we have to sort of paint backwards, leaving the white parts blank and painting the darkest parts last. It may turn out to be easier than with acrylics!


  3. When I had my first glance at the sheep, I thought they were real. You did a great job!


  4. Great painting!! Lindsay have to try this now thank you…..linda.


  5. This is a great tutorial and I so enjoyed it thank you so much and well done. I shall be waiting for the next one!!! x x


  6. Wonderfull painting, Lindsay. I absolutely love to watch a painting take shape. You are so good about explaining those beginning steps and continuing your explanation of each step as you go on. The finished painting is always so amazing. Thanks so much.


  7. Hello Lindsay!

    I’m feeling a little bit better horrible cold! I have drawn the sheep, just have to get a canvas then I’ll share the painting on fb! 🙂
    I am looking forward to feeling better completely and painting the sheep and use my new acrylics!


  8. loved it. Makes me want to try acrylics. Thank-you for sharing you wonderful talet.


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