Gettin’ Sketchy with Charcoal! 2 Video Tutorials!

Hi friends! I have been having a lot of fun sketching the past few days. I think I like the minimal amount of supplies and effort while I have been feeling under the weather. All of the supplies I am using came in this months SmartArt subscription box but of course you can use what you have. I want to thank Smart Art for sponsoring this video and let you know that they are now shipping to Canada as well as the US. Now, grab your charcoal and let’s get sketchy!

The first video is in real-time with live narration. We discuss a lot of techniques as well as finding the light source and shading. Email subscribers will need to click over to watch the video and see the projects because video thumbnails are not visible in emails. Enjoy!

Video #1!

It’s fun AND easy! I also got a chance to upload a speed draw of the moon tutorial I showed in the fist video. I’m glad I sped it up because that was as long as my voice lasted today. I am so wishing I bought stock in Kleenex this week! Enough of the snot-talk, here is the tutorial. 😀 This is also part of the #lovefallart collaboration with the Creative Arts Community on YouTube! Oh and I added 2 things that were not in the SmartArt kit: Hairspray and white chalk, now you can enjoy. 😉

Video #2!

If you want to see what is in next’s month’s Smart Art box (and create right along with me with the same supplies) make sure to visit Smart Art and subscribe, the boxes get cheaper the longer you sign up for. I’ve got 3 boxes so far and they have all been a great value of high quality supplies. To find out more visit I hope this inspired you to grab some simple supplies and draw, it is so much fun and you don’t need a ton of supplies to do it. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this Lindsey, even though you’really under the weather. I hope you feel better soon. I learned how to do this when my parents allowed be to attend an 2 week art camp at the UW-Green Bay. Our instructer instructed us to find a reflective source and do a self portrait using charcoal and chalk. I was really pleased with myself, because my project did look like me! Thanks for bringing back some good memories!


  2. Thank-You.Will be praying you feel better.May God Bless You and Yours


  3. Great job, Lindsay. Hope you feel better soon.


  4. Thanks for showing us some monochrome drawings! When I first started painting in watercolors I never knew anything about tonal values until I started taking classes in drawing. When you rely on colors and think a yellow oval is automatically a lemon you are in for a great surprise when you give it a try in charcoal! The next months I wanted to be on the safe side and FIRST made a charcoal drawing of what I intended to paint before I picked up a paint brush. This video reminded me how important it can be the first make up your mind about the tonal values. The weird thing is, it doesn’t even require more time because you need less time for the painting somehow.

    Plus I love rubbing around with charcoal with my fingers and I don’t even have to be careful because it isn’t poisonous or staining!


  5. Thank you for all your informative and entertaining videos! My parents have pomegranates growing on our farm in Napa, CA. Yes they ripen late in the season. That spikey round end is the blossom end. The stem is the other end. The climate there is like in the Mediterranean and not tropical. Feel better soon!


  6. love it Lindsay


  7. I hope you feel better Lindsay. Love your videos my fav one is the full moon, I just love anything that has to do with the moon, sun, and stars! Smart Art Box now ships to Canada!! So happy now!!


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