Pretty Fall Tags!

Hi friends! It is beautiful, sunny unseasonably warn September day in Maine and I have a cold. I have been lounging on the couch trying with no luck to sleep so I can get this illness over with. I feel so lazy, at least I got to be creative yesterday and make these tags:


They were a lot of fun to make and easy to batch out. Watch the video to see how!



Recreate this project using the themes you like and the products you have but if you need a large quantity of really useful tags be sure to visit our sponsor Papermart! They have lots of other goodies too! Now it’s time for me to brew another pot of tea and try to steam away my head cold! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Try hot toddy for you cold. It is hot tea with honey and whiskey. You don’t use a lot of honey and whiskey. My parents used to fix it when me and my sister, who is a year older than me, were kids. No, we didn’t get drunk. Afterwards we started to feel better. Another fine idea you came up with.


  2. Very pretty tags. Hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick. I was this past weekend couldn’t stay off the potty. Had a fever got dehydrated and felt awful. Drank a lot of power ade and water. My son says drink a lot of green tea and fluids when you have a cold. Feel better soon Lindsay!!!


  3. Beautiful tags, Lindsay! I love all the different colours and layers, and the copper and paint at the beginning is awesome! Got to check out the ink spray.



  4. You never stop surprising me with your talents. Love the tags. Hope you feel better. Praying for you


  5. Loved this project, so fun and easy. Get well !


  6. What a great idea to use a double tag. Nice job.


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