Let’s Paint those Beautiful Autumn Colors!

Hi Friends! Tonight I am teaching a free watercolor class at my local library and I decided we would paint this:


I debated weather or not to speed this up of leave it real time and I decided to keep it long for all the beginners out there:) Supplies are listed below the video.


You can find the products I used at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

I hope you enjoyed this free painting lesson and try it for yourself! Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. hi there lindsay, awesome painting! i love fall trees and such… this was a gr8 lesson…YeS i was sorta doubting you… LoL how you would get the water and rocks together…looking right, but you were right… tricks of the eye! but i KNOW i would get stuck! i was watching it in HD and suddenly i was having like mind block… like what would I DO if i experimented like you? I WOULD GET sTUck! i freaked out at myself… really? does that happen to you at times? Please say yes.. altho i trust you… You do know how to keep your audience wondering, tho:) thanks from the bottom of my heart for doing these paintings and i find almost everything you chatter about? vERY important to listen cuz you tune the ears to catch what you are saying to help explain wats happening..Really LIndsay….so sweet of you:) i love your work and i am sending cheers and hugs… wahtever you feel you need today:) sincerely “glow”ing


    • oh yes, I have those doubtful moments, sometimes when I am teaching ad I have painted myself in a corner so to speak, just forge ahead LOL!


  2. It looks wonderful great job!!


  3. I’m glad to see a long watercolor video again! I don’t think it was too long at all, it even seemed to be over in no time. I guess because so many different kinds of problems were dealt with. Like: this year I tried to paint rocks like that at the North Sea and they never turned out right. Now I wonder if I should have made the shadows under them darker instead of painting reflections on the water. Also the idea of using a watercolor pencil for the edges never occured to me and I can’t wait to try it out.

    Last time you painted a similar painting I saw you used a mix of blue and burnt sienna for the water and THAT solved another problem of mine! I never seemed to get the color of the North Sea right, it always turned out too blue, even if I used Prussian Blue. After giving the ultramarine/ bt. sienna mix a chance I realized the North Sea IS more of a brownish gray and NOT blue!

    I’m looking forward to seeing more „long videos“! How could they ever be too long?!
    Have a nice day!


  4. I enjoyed every second of your tutorial. I absolutely love watching it all take shape and how the brush strokes transform into beauty. Great job. Thanks so much.


  5. I cant Seem to find he water color patterns


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