Live Die Cutter Hangout with EXPERTS!

Hi friends! I just wanted to let you know that I have Melody Lane, Scrappy DIVA, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Joe Rotella joining me this afternoon for a live hangout discussing the current die cutters on the market, This is my first ever live event and I am sure there will be bumps along the way but the valuable info they share should more than make up for my lack of experience in the “LIVE” broadcast department. Please check out their youtube channels and websites listed below for more info on the cutters they use and free tutorials.

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Melody Lane
Karin the Scrappy DIVA
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and
Joe Rotella

I want to thank my guests for being available on such short notice and for helping me get this broadcast off the ground. Happy Crafting!

32 thoughts on “Live Die Cutter Hangout with EXPERTS!

  1. Hi Lindsay…I didn’t think you were at all biased. I thought you did a pretty good job of giving out great info on the cutters. I managed a SB store and owned the original Cricut and still have my Big Shot. I was at CHA when Provo Craft brought out the Cricut and noticed how most folks steered away from the electronic cutters… Too fussy, unless you were good at computers and time management. Things have improved and they all have their good/bad points but I think you did a good job of pointing them out. I prefer my Big Shot, as I agree with you on the “ownership” a company has over you with a technology based tool.

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  2. I didn’t feel you were bias at all in your video but as I’m buying myself a cutter for Christmas, I’m going to be here too–all the info I can get! THANKS for doing this for us!!


  3. Hi Lindsay! For what it’s worth, I so wish I could go back in time, to last Thanksgiving, when I bought my Silhouette Cameo. I WISH your video had played that very morning! 🙂

    I beat my poor husband down just to buy this stupid machine I had no business buying!! Thank goodness I, or he, didn’t pay full price!

    It was probably a full 2 weeks before I got up the nerve to take it out of the box. I seriously don’t know what made me think I, of all people, could use this electronic die cutting machine.

    So, to this day, it sits in the same exact spot I chose last November. The whole reason I thought I NEEDED this machine was to make my own embellishments and the like. I’m a total idiot and still have not learned my lesson.

    I thought your video was great and it was your honest OPINION! And I respect your HONESTY, your experience, and your knowledge!!

    Good luck this afternoon! I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job!! If I can figure out the time zone thing, I hope to be there! LOL 😉

    Thank you for all you do!!

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    1. I mentioned your story to the panel and they have great advice for you on projects to start with so you do not feel overwhelmed.


  4. I’m not going to be able to watch the live broadcast. I would like to know if there are any other die cutting machines on the market besides the Brother scan & cut that will cut my stamped images. As you mentioned in your video I have a ton of stamps as well😊


    1. I think most of the machines coming out now have the capibility but you need to scan them into a computer first so if you have a machine see if your sofware can do it, if not it seems like Scan n Cut is the easiest option.


  5. Links not working anymore, what happened?? Anyone thinking about buying the Silhouette Curio, DON’T Save your money. Look on YouTube for Ken’s Kreations he has a video all about it. When I got mine I was extremely disappointed it went back!!! Really looking forward to this chat I hope it happens !!


    1. it happened, the replay is here, I had set it up wrong so I had to make a new event, it was my first hangout on air. We were live at 3 though!


  6. 2nd try. I own a Pazzles Vue and Inpiration. I LOVE them. Pazzles provided technical support to cricut. I use Make the Cut, Inspiration pro and InVue softwares. I have played with Cricut Design Space. Learn one software package, you can basically use them all. Please interview Klo Oxford, Pazzles educator and Julie Flanagan ( many videos posted in MTC and InVue)


  7. I got to see some of it and I appreciate the panel and will be following their links. I could not be happier with my Silhouette Cameo. My money saving tip is that it beautifully cuts plain old contact paper. I use it for stencils as well as anything for which vinyl can be used. Contact paper is sticky so it even works with fabric paint. Thanks again. It was fun to hear about the other cutters!


      1. I hope people will go to the panel member websites and take a look at what projects they have made with their machines. I love my Big Shot but it is also quirky to use and I’ve been known to throw a fancy die that won’t cooperate against the wall. Lol! I don’t buy dies and only emboss on it. I never buy stamps anymore either because I can insert a Sharpie or Embossing pen into the blade holder and make my own. I’ve scanned pictures and turned them into both cut files and digital stamps. There is one artist who even uses the cutter for metal clay designs–cutting and embossing the clay. And another who uses it for edible cake decor! However, they don’t yet emboss well. The manufacturers are working on it. When that is perfected there will be another goal. It is a wonderful thing!


  8. Thank you for the webcast. I picked up a lot of useful information, and some new websites and you tube channels to explore. Love Julie Fei-Fan Balzar and your other guests.


  9. I didn’t find your comments to be biased at all Maybe behind the times perhaps I just got the new Cricut Air and was unaware of ALL the things it can do. I wanted it mostly for die cutting for card making. I was little amused when one quest said it is “user friendly”. I have worked with computer for 20+ years and don’t find it all that friendly. Not a lot of information from Cricut themselves in the way of instruction on using it. Or at least that I have found. Most info I have gotten from You Tube and if it is so “friendly” why are there hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos on how to use it?


  10. That was an awesome video!! Thank you too all your guests for sharing their tips and advice:D Now we all now you can host a live even, can’t wait to watch more!! I was at work when it was live but it can be done!!:D


    1. I know, when one of my kids called 5 minutes in…and calling back (did you notice I was not in the hangout for a while) I thouhgt I was going to have a breakdown LOL!) Yes, I know what to do next time AND I will tell the kids not to call unless it is an emergency haha:) It was not an emergency.


  11. I had no intention of ever buying a die cutting machine of any kind. But then carpal tunnel happened and I could no longer cut comfortably with scissors. I researched and finally settled on the Big Shot manual machine that you use for a number of reasons:

    1. All computer products are inherently time eaters. (I know, I’m a retired computer professional.)

    2. No matter what the hype is, if there is a computer involved, it’s almost never as easy or simple as you need it to be.

    3. Intuitive is not the same for everyone…so an intuitive piece of hardware or software does not really exist.

    4. The Big Shot, going by your experience, proved to be reliable and durable.

    5. The operation of the Big Shot is very straightforward. There is a minimal learning curve involved.

    6. The initial investment is much smaller than the electronic machines that I looked at.

    7. Again, relying on your experience, the only part you may need to replace over time is a cracked plate. According to my research, even the extended plates can be had for less than $15. This makes it an extremely economical machine in the long run, provided you don’t become addicted to buying every die you see. Is there a step program for stamp and die addicts?

    8. There is something very satisfying about the more hands on way of doing things. Isn’t that one reason why we craft?

    9. It embosses, eliminating the need to do that manually or have a separate machine for that.

    10. I couldn’t care less about how a die cutter handles fabric or other materials, since I have no desire to work with anything but paper.

    11. It’s very light and doesn’t need to be plugged in. So I can work anywhere in the house that I can fit it on a flat surface.

    I absolutely love the thing, and I hope that this will be helpful to others still hovering on the brink of decision on what to get.


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