How to serve & Display Treat Cones and Snow-Cones!

I love party cones but it can be hard to figure out how to display or serve them. The other day I was at the supermarket and saw the perfect solution (and it was free!)


The top of this caddy was made from a yogurt display. Some grocery stores have the yogurt in these boxes on the shelf but if not you can ask for them. Other items in cups are shipped this way too so they are sure to have something similar and free is good! Watch the video to see how I made this!

Yogurt box or another box with holes in it (you can get these free at the supermarket)
Shoe box close to the same size as the yogurt box
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Crepe Paper
Bakers Twine
6″ paper Doilies
Paper Straws
Hook & Loop Tape aka Velcro

Tip! Papermart sell the clear cello cones that fit perfectly in the box. The ones I used were the 12″ which are good for candy, for popcorn you might want the bigger one though.

They have snow cone cups too!

1. Cut the bottom off of the yogurt box and the top off of a shoebox and glue together. This is the base we will decorate. You can attach the lid to the box with Velcro if you wish or glue it in place.

2. Cut crepe paper to fit the box and glue it to the edge of the lid pleating as you go.

3. Fold doilies in half and glue over crepe paper.

4. Wrap with bakers twine and glue on buttons.

5. Add paper straws sat the edge of the crepe paper to neaten it up. Add cones to the holes and you are all set!

I hope you try this for your next party! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Papermart.




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  2. It looks so pretty!!


  3. Too cute. Great idea.


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