DIY Halloween Coasters with Alcohol ink!

Hi friends! By request today we are playing with alcohol ink, photocopies (or lazer/toner based prints) and Xylene markers and white ceramic tiles. Let’s make coasters! Watch the video to see how!


1. Clean Tile with alcohol.
2.  Transfer photocopy to tile with Chartpak (xylene) pen.
3. Color with alcohol ink or alcohol based markers.
4. You can spritz rubbing alcohol on the coaster for a cool effect if desired!
5. Add felt or cork to the back of coasters and protect with a coat of clear spray paint.

Happy crafting!

12 Responses

  1. Thank you great. Can use a ink jet printer.
    Would a sharpie marker work


  2. I would like to see some Alcohol ink techniques on paper too. Thanks for the wonderful video as always.


  3. Are you using acrylic paint on the tile? Thanks


  4. Totally unrelated, but here goes: I just found an ATG on sale at Michaels yesterday (Hooray for the clearance row!). Never thought I’d own one, but now I can’t find where you said where you get your tape refills. Help! Love the idea of “painting” with the alcohol inks–hadn’t thought of that!


  5. Since I have never used actual alcohol inks, I can’t say how it compares but I have done a handful of paper projects using homemade alcohol inks with lots of success. My first experiment, I used ink from pens and a high percentage rubbing alcohol. My second was student grade watercolor with that same alcohol. I used very little alcohol to color so my colors were vibrant. But it all went on paper. I’ll have to try them on tile before I see how I feel about not buying the inks.


  6. Anything Halloween is awesome!! Cool video!


  7. love your videos Thank You


  8. Looks like fun! If I decide to use Staz On to stamp and then color with the Chartpak markers can I dilute the Chartpak inks and use a brush to paint on the background like you did? If so, what is the best thing to dilute them with? Thanks!


  9. Love this technique, but I have to buy some alcohol inks first. Thanks


  10. Does this only work on tiles? I finally found a craftpak blender so I thought I’d experiment on paper first. I couldn’t get anything to transfer.


  11. Hi Lindsay,

    Thanks for another great video. I love the technique of painting with alcohol inks from a palette – so much more control and color options.

    I experimented with both alcohols and thought you might like to know. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol — C3H8O) works to re-wet and mix the watery transparent alcohol colored inks. Use more potent grain alcohol (ethanol — C2H6O) if you want to mix lighter tints and darker shades using white and black alcohol inks, which are a bit thicker.

    I linked to this page when I blogged about your technique.


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